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The Unforgiven

Densung was a regular goer in Yangchenphug while he comes for the first time in school. Her last three years stay in the school has made her familiar to those teachers and students there, while Druksel found himself exposed towards the strange faces and alien environment there. At one time rendezvous, a dispersion of sort, he got his eye cast on Densung. Read more »

I dont know

Sometimes you were not there
And at times me
It was not less for love
The talking closed at the lips
Died a death Read more »

The Blank Man

I walk the whole day
From my window
Breathing fire feelings
Your fragrance in the air
As I walk the road
To my land… Read more »

The Honesty of Bhutanese Writers

Source: Kuenselonline
Author: Gyalsten K Dorji

(We couldn’t contact you for your permission, but we had a strong feeling that you will be happy to share your article with us here. There are hundreds of aspiring writers who wished to attend the Literary Fair but couldn’t be lucky like you. Thank you for the grand report)

Mountain Echoes 20 May, 2010

Like the recently held SAARC summit, the Bhutanese environment seems to be having quite an effect on visiting writers attending the ongoing literary festival, Mountain Echoes. Read more »

Undead Poet Society

One observation made during the Literary Festival was that Bhutan was leapfrogging from an oral society to audiovisual media – bypassing everything in between. True this may not augur well for a country bent on preserving age-old culture and traditions. Folk tales and stories have been the vehicles that transported the very culture and tradition we are trying to preserve. Read more »

Dude, Let’s NOT Argue

I have never found enough energy to argue with people who beg to differ. And this makes me an amiable person, a winner in my own principle. One such medallion was won very recently.
After attending Sogyal Rinpoche’s teaching at the YDF last weekend (15th & 16th May), I was tempted to write down my thoughts, which I genuinely did. Read more »

Yak Legpai Lhadar – a Bhutanese Folk Song

(This translation is from Dorji Penjore’s On the Mule Track to Dagana (2003). See how moving can a Bhutanese folk song get and how beautifully the translator has  captured emotions as in the original Dzongkha piece. And when Kheng Sonam Dorji or Jigme Drukpa sings it, the melody will haunt you forever)

How beautiful is Yak Legpai Lhadar’s face!
Yak Legpai Lhadar- the god-sent calf! Read more »

Of Spoons, Forks and Knives

I sat down to lunch with delegates from 13 countries in a far off land. The lunch table was decorated elaborately like the ones I have seen in movies –flowers, table clothes and culinary. Culinary? Culinary? I looked in front of me and I saw many spoons, folks and knives. What was I supposed to do with all these? My mind was racing and I was nervous. I remembered the different courses of meals but which ‘tool’ for which course? Read more »

The Milkman

(This a short story from my next book: Then I Saw Her Face: A collection of Post Card Fictions. I would love to receive all your comments and feedback for improvement.)

“Milk is good for children,” Uncle Bal Bahadhur, a local milkman would tell us. “It makes your bones and teeth strong. So, you grow big and tall…like your father and mother…”

That was what he must be repeating to all the children in the town, every morning. It was a reason enough for us to force our parents to buy us a bottle everyday; Read more »

Laying a Foundation

When we lay a foundation to something, we go with acknowledgments.

Our acknowledgment should start with thanking Penstar for coming up with this idea of Writers Association of Bhutan and Penstar’s parents for having him. Penstar’s parents would not have been here Read more »

The Forgotten Introduction

(This was the introduction I actually wrote for my book The Cuckoo and the Pigeon, published by Pilgrims Publications in Nepal. But it was never printed. So, I would like to post the same introduction here for I find it only appropriate to do so)
While I was studying in The Haverford School, we were asked to write a movie review for our Fourth Form English class. As I had never watched any movie fully, I was worried about what movie to write. Read more »

Mapping Bhutanese Writings

The road map is drawn.
The vision is clear.
The mission is made.   Read more »

My WAB Dream

Well I am still waiting for my writers to break the ground but looks like they are all looking for something substantial to start with, probably they think this is not for their casual writings. But I must clarify that this is indeed the place for anything and everything you have on your mind. Until you decided what to write let me give my piece of mind about the association. Read more »


Ngawang came up with this inspiring idea of forming an association for writers, which doesn’t exist now and probably will never come up without someone like him. He began with a Facebook group and is determined to shape it into a formal organization once he has enough people giving him hands. Read more »

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