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The Dark Visitor

In a dreadful rainy night, neighbourhood dogs barked inconsistently. I shrugged my fur, raised my stiffening neck and moved few inches to hear the groan of an old man. The fall from the cliff had him bedridden against the chronic liver cirrhosis which kept us away from guarding the field at nights. I left him in his hut in the evening and made a round in the field and noticed half the Read more »

Inching upon the Everest

WAB Logo

Two ordinary nine-to-five men dared a dream and many of you supported us. Now we have a team and Writers Association of Bhutan  looks like an achievable endeavor. With only over 1600 hits so far on the blog where only 16 writers are struggling to write something, many might have perceived that we are at the verge of giving up. But wait a minute, we aren’t dashing, we don’t have what it takes to run towards dreams. We are only inching upon the Everest, for we know the Everest is only about 320000 inches. Read more »

Losing to meditation

By the lone path,
I will make my way
To search
The things people dared not to.
To clear the way for my
Freedom. Read more »


Meet my new friend Sacheen. She is a student, an artist and a motivational speaker. She is a Native American and lives in Colorado. Now you must be wondering why after not updating my blog for so long, pop back in introducing a beautiful lady without even an apology for my disappearance from my blog. Alright, my apologies to all the nice folks out there who visit my blog. Work never ceases its oppression on me.
Sacheen is visually impaired. She was born a normal little child with perfect eyesight. But when she was in her teens, she started having problems with her eyes. Read more »

The Embittered Soul

She wanders around her bedroom with just a towel wrapped around her body. Freshly out of bath, memory haunts her. Four hours earlier, she was in the hospital. As tears trickled down her cheek, she stared at the IV fluid drop into her veins. How simple, she thought. How simple that life should fall so frail. How simple that death could come anytime. Read more »

How to Set and Achieve Writing Goals

(Every week I receive such articles from Trent Steele of, and this one in particular may be useful for many of us.)

If you want to write more and write better, you need to know how to set and achieve writing goals.

Even if you were never the type of person before to set goals for yourself, Read more »

My Friend

Stealthily…you took a step ahead
Silently you bade me farewell

You are in heaven…
But I still want you here…
I talk to you in the wind… Read more »

Painting a God

Paintings! That’s what I loved in childhood. It was not just my hobby but the passion long remained unfulfilled.

It was a lovely afternoon, when I was seventh grader, as I sat with brush and color. Canvass, not a professional as my father would not afford it, lay at the front desk, blank.This has to turn blue, red, green and black to speak for people to understand, if not all. Read more »

A heart that is damaged

Krishna felt tired and cold when he opened his eyes. To his surprise, he found himself somewhere in wonderland that he never imagined. Near a stream, under a bush and between the boulders.

For hours he had been unconscious. As he stood up to sit, there were no clothes but rags on his body, scratches and wounds all over. Read more »

The Beauty In Tears

Goodness me, I am so weak in my tears!

Oftentimes, I need no reason to shed my ever-ready-to-go tears. And it makes me seem like a weakling (which I claim not to be). But I like it, more so for the fact that every tear brings me closer to myself (confusing?). Read more »

Is Bhutanese Education system alive?

After sitting in on meetings at the Phuntsho Pelri hotel, and many a day’s observations, I noticed a recurring theme over and over again. The media people have come there and it was issued in paper as well. I just wonder how deep a thought has gone into the subject. The subject I am addressing , which is constantly debated and discussed by leading educationists and the scholars from the international delegates is CHANGE OF CURRICULUM in Bhutanese Education system, especially with more emphasis on Gross National Happiness (GNH) values. Read more »

Departed Already

Volcano of emotions
Erupting in my heart
Of moments then, felt now
All these years, this feeling veiled Read more »

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