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Myriad Thoughts and Bizzare Dreams

I wanted to rekindle the writer in me. and this blog was created to bring that “fire” in me. Unfortunately the ‘Bhutanese inconsistency syndrome’ affected me. And it has been four months since I last blogged in. Not because I was away to Mars or the Moon. Read more »

Writing Short Story – A Guide

This is an excerpt from SHORT STORY WRITING: A Practical Treatise on the Art of the Short Story (By Charles Raymond Barrett, Ph. B.)

Copyrighted, 1900, by Charles Raymond Barrett

(This selection is from The Method of Narration)

In the short story no personal confidences, moralizing comments, or confessions are allowed. If you must express your opinions and make your personality felt, write lectures, sermons, essays, books, letters for the public pressóbut don’t write short stories. Read more »

The Unseen Editor

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‘You are a shadow,’ he used to tell me. He was curious to know who I was. Read more »

Thimphu:The making(breaking) of our Dream Capital City

(This is an article I wrote as part of my course in RIM and had been published in the institute’s newsletter afterwards)

Thimphu City is a melting pot of people, culture and ideas. At least five different ethnicities live here harmoniously. They weave their lives around a central national theme while acknowledging their diversity and rejoicing in it. It is located in along the flat fertile Wang valley. It is said that when modern governance was introduced in the country, some of the most learned Gurus said that Thimphu must be the capital if it has to work. Today, it is the seat of the Central Government and our much revered Monarchs’. Read more »

T Power

She is leaving him
like all others who have left
he will never be ready to lose her
like dozen others who have gone Read more »

The Problem with True Love

Yeah, it does that to me.
It sends me cold shiver down the back of my neck and into my stomach. 
I don’t want to think about it, but thoughts creep into my mind anyway.
I shouldn’t worry, and need not waste my time thinking and saddening.
’cause I can’t change a thing! Read more »

Love in 80’s

For me, the experience of rural life has been always a joy and a platform to learn and get to know something which gives values in my life.  With even a minute to get along with people of rural area, it gives me a pleasure to understand their lifestyle and share their feelings. Read more »

Tears of Florence Nightingale

(This is one of the 32 short stories I wrote from my high school to before I joined college.  They were read hundreds of times and edited so much but I could never publish the booklet. And now is the chance… help me make the story better)

There is a live-size portrait of Florence Nightingale hung on the wall of the ladies ward in our local hospital. Hundreds of people come to hospital everyday but I bet no one knows whose picture it is. Let alone knowing her, half of them may not have seen the picture even. I tell Tobgay about her. Though a history student he seems to have not gone out of his syllabus. Read more »

Fr(ee)dom of E

Freedom of expression is what everyone talks about, especially so after the coming of democracy and launching of written Constitution. In fact people have started exercising their right, which they express it in various ways.

Our honorable MPs exercise their right to freedom of expression Read more »


I live a life…
I am happy with my life…

Until I realise that is not exactly what I was hoping for. It goes this way. Read more »

For those of you who have lost someone special

“The hardest truth I cannot get my head around is the fact that you are gone forever!”

The light is dimmer and the darkness so haunting.
The air reminds me of the loss so big,
The earth bawls its eyes off for you. Read more »

The Verdict

Is there a need for evidence?
the remains of the bite was visible
the culprit is hiding somewhere Read more »

An Excerpt

“Nice! Tell me, this is even more interesting.”
“I didn’t love her, but I promised her …” he hesitates.
“What did you promise?”
“Well, I didn’t mean it, but I promised to marry her.”
“I see. What was her reaction?”
“Well, she believed me, I guess.”
“Then, you slept with her, right?” Read more »

Feminism: A fight against injustice, not men

I have always thought that the place I grew up in was never sexist. I loved where my society placed me as a woman until recently. Before proceeding any further, I would like to let you know that I am a strong feminist and anything I say is from the view point of a woman who wants to be treated like any equal human being-  nothing more, nothing less than that.

As a feminist in Bhutan, I would like to clear something from the start. Read more »

The Love Story

“It is because I made the mistake of falling in love with you that has made my life this miserable,” Tee said to Dee. They have been married for 13 years and it was hardly a happy one.

The marriage they were going through was different from what they had imagined it to be when they were young and madly in love. Read more »

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