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Rose -the fortunate slave

The wings of morning rays spread
Daylight upon damp garden
As I awoke to the newest hour Read more »

Feeble Feelings Fuelled

Fueling frivolous frenzy for frozen feelings
fumbling furiously; freshens up
feeble feelings of the first fall. Read more »

For Better or Worse

A Hindi song blares piercingly through both speakers of a cheap fourteen-inch, color television. Onscreen, lovers dance intimately in an animated sequence among a large unicolor span of roses and geranium. A dark man sits at the table, in front of mine, facing me. Read more »

My Birthday Gift -of a strange kind

Yes it was impeccable-every shade of it. I stood at the door giving a final scrutiny to my work; smiling at my own ingenuity and aptitude. It was a product of six hours’ sitting at the table that afternoon. Not everyday I get chance to be proud of my own paintings. Read more »

When all Gods and Odds are not in your favor

Many a times, to a many individuals, and much to the surprise of life, many things are all against us. We may seem as clueless as the floods of events confronting life in all possible ways to cause damage and make us weak and hurt. Some land up cursing god for the misfortune Read more »

To a Brother

Please bind together the strands
of your mind, and keep them straight,
because if they form a knot – remember Read more »

Forsaken Untold Love

Over the dew clad meadow
Enveloped by the fragrance of freshness,
I Lament over my lost heart Read more »

My Friend

My friend
Stealthily…you took a step ahead
Silently you bade me farewell Read more »

Sorrow in my System

Scintillating scent of sorrow
sends shiver down my spine;
silently, smiling shyly I shove Read more »

The rain and the orphan

Clouds in the sky.
Flying alone and high;
within them, they have Read more »

Who do you think you are?

You make me dream a thousand dreams
think thoughts unthought before,
you make me long for silence in crowd Read more »

Celebrating 101 WAB members!

Celebrating 101 WAB members, 93 posts,  and 196 comments! Keep posting and share about WAB with your friends and families!

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Awarding the best Teacher

When I first heard this announcement on BBS about the nominations for the best teacher of the year, I thought I had nothing to do with it since I am neither a student now nor a teacher. I treated it nothing different from any other announcements. Today I had an opportunity Read more »


Spare me a smile;
Diminish my fear.
Give in your verdict; Read more »

I remember your love

You were my true love
You loved me truly
I am sorry I couldn’t read your love Read more »

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