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Two lives-one life!

Living life Bollywood style came as easy with imaginations fuelled by the numerous fantasies felt after watching lots of it all my life. As a small kid, the identical twins theory would twitch my heart and while one winced in pain inflicted in the other, I too would tremble as if we were triplets. Read more »

Sunday Mission

Thimphu is considered a blessed valley by many villagers when they visit once in a while. Thimphu is an overpriced city which I disagree the opinions of rural folks.  But when they say it is an imperial place for our Royal Families to live I can’t disagree on their inference. Read more »

The Magic of Art

With one sweep of a magic wand
Materialises an ethereal figure
Made corporeal by colour: Read more »

Tender Moments

With splashes akin
To the morning waves; luscious
Your smell of skin, Read more »

Voice of the unborn

My lord, I ought not to defy you
But for the future I foresee
On the mount where I’ll land Read more »

Botanical harmony

Home works have piled up as much as his books beside the pillow. It has almost been two months that Sunanda did not turn the pages of his books or gave time for his university assignments. For him, assignments are heavier than the books; each book would weigh over three kilos. Read more »


Few months back when I heard one young officer had passed away, I felt the truth of impermanence in life. Next day I saw his profiles in Facebook with walls full of promises; he did not think of death but neither do I think of it seriously. Read more »

Death, how will you come?

Will you come stealthily,on tiptoes
and snuff me out unguarded?

Will you come drooping over my eye lids Read more »


In my bed, I toss and turn
The warmth of the blanket
Estranged. Read more »

A Moron’s mistake

Meddling moron made meek
mingled ‘mong mad men
masking mean meanings Read more »

The Ruined Robbery

This is the result of the second writing thread. It was good at least three people participated. Anyways, the story turned out well. I am putting the writing thread on a hold for now. I will continue it soon. -Aurora Read more »

Loving Forever

Gonpo offered his seat to an old man who boarded the bus on the way and remained standing for three hours since then. He pulled the collar of his gho slightly above his neck to keep himself warm from the frosty wind that lashed at the half open window pane. Read more »

Random thoughts!

Look at that face, that artificial red sticking on her cheekbones! Oh! God! The first time I saw her with that cheek, didn’t it make me go weak in the knees. How was I to know ever that she spends hours in front of the mirror to get the right shade to make people go dumb, numbing their rational senses. Read more »

The Wait

She stretched her frail feet to immerse in the warm water in her bath tub. She never used the bath tub; she always believed that bath tubs are for lazy people who don’t mind soaking in their own dirt in the name of cleansing. But her sixty years old body reacted differently. Read more »

The long bridge of Life

Today the long bridge of my life,
Stands dimly proud over the wintry twilight!

The evening is fast fading, Read more »

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