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The ‘Fall’ must go

The seasons came with its flowers,
and the fruits,
now the fall, Read more »

Another Fall, another heart break

I am walking all alone
Back in the same dusty old road
Filled with memories of yester-years Read more »

My year of Metamorphosis with GNH

Self realization of my own crystal raindrops…with GNH infusion in our schools-

Being cheerful and passionate, being an ideal human and a role model at all times and mainly during trying times is extra difficult. Perhaps there is no human soul who never fails in his humanitarian duties at one time or the other in spite of the best intention Read more »

Little Dream

Every men and women be it poor or rich or be it blue collared or white collared has a dream. We come with aims and ambitions, but only few succeed in achieving their goals. Desires, wants, needs and attachments are so called the necessity of human. What necessitates most, nobody knows. When one is in the process of dreaming and achieving dreams Read more »

I want to be a maid

For the past few days, I’ve been walking in the street with nothing better to do to while away my useless free time when this thought occurred to me- ‘I want to be a maid,’ I know this sounds crazy but trust me I was born this way so this comes naturally to me( lol). My typical day as a maid would begin in the following fashion: Read more »

I’m Torn

It has been four years since I wrote my class 10 exams. My parents got divorced before I was sent to school. I remember my neighbors talking in the hushed tone, not-all-that-good about my mother. Everyone said she ran away with another man – a much younger one than my father. Maybe it is this that made me feel astray. Read more »

A Story of the fisherman

He’s lying cold and breathless. There was a petrified look on Dorji, and Wangchuk was taken aback into dead jolt. Sonam lay speechless. The sun was passing out. It was already dusk, and the terror in those men’s face is far from being concealed. Sonam was as good as dead person. There was uproar, and the confused ones Read more »

My first passenger

The journey alone in a brand new car could be hectic especially at night. I pulled over near the Phuentsholing BOD to buy stock of doma to last till I reach Thimphu. A woman in mid fifties in a ragged kira was standing on the shoulder road. Old traditional bag dangling from her shoulder meant she needed a lift. The heat had tanned her face that I thought she was one from National Work Force. Read more »

Of gold and children

Thank you PaSsu

Once in a village in the far East lived two brothers. They lived in a traditional one roomed house.   Read more »

Greedy Friends

Long ago there lived two friends. They were best of friends. They were always seen together. One day they planned to go and rob a lonely lady whose mother had died a few days earlier. As per their plan, they agreed that one of them would hide at the cremation ground Read more »

It Hurts

Beyond smiles and joyous expressions
In the depth of glimmering emotions
Lies the truth behind expression Read more »

The walk I remember

It is the shower, yet again
Cooler as the wintry night
We walked that sodden path Read more »

Within the Heart

When you feel solitary
As if lost in the quagmire
Born of destitution; Read more »


Time fleets away
Love won’t see me
Down the walkway nor up the stairs
Read more »

The Good, the Bad and the Corrupt

My three-year- old niece comes to me one fine morning.
“Azha” she says. “We don’t die when we lie, do we?”
Apparently, my niece has been telling the truth for the last one year of her knowing how to speak, Read more »

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