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They took my silence as a non-intelligent ignorant human being from a third-world country. I sat among many nationalities to discuss on integrated project work. Their law backgrounds opined the clauses with added enthusiasm of experiences garnered from jobs. From the instant I saw my name in the group I knew framing a legislative protocol could not be easy for me. Read more »

Tales of Drukpas’ wit on Tibetans

In the days of yore when our forefathers used to trade with the Tibetans in the north, there are tales of humour and wit our old ancestors used to play on the Tibetans so much so that Drukpas were famed to be very successful at bargaining with the Tibetans who envied Drukpas’ skills and wit.  Tibetans were at the loss of words to define our forefathers Read more »

Travelling Alone

Travelling from Phuntsholing to Thimphu- the scenery was like heaven and in the bus I felt relaxed, and boredom was out of reach. It did not matter how I was seated or how comfortable I felt, I just loved the feeling…that different kind of feeling, you know, with some nice songs in the ears. I only wish I could get it down in black and white, but words won’t come out right. Read more »

A lesson on Virtues

I don’t forget 19th October as easily as any other memorable day. Neither will the two men who became the victim of their arrogance nor I for the pride I feel for being able to barge into their inhumane manners with the public. Read more »


I was a bird
Soaring high in the sky
The sun gave me the shine Read more »

Bouquet of writer’s worship

For the muses’ charm I look,
For the glint of hope in words
Ornately in marred melody woven, Read more »

Girls and their feelings!

Thanksgiving brought some unusual ‘thank you’ situation; walking in the street looking for a deal to work on I caught up with three of my high school friends whom I had long forgotten in the busy action and emotion packed schedule of life. Many giggling and quibbling later, we decided to pave the path for the other pedestrians and moved onto their room which was just round the corner. Read more »

Haiku IV

Chelsea losing a ‘sure-win’ match
Smileys, calls and text messages
From my non-Chelsea friends! Read more »

The Beer Ghost

The lights went off,
The room was dark and cold
Save from the light that came from my watch, Read more »

Mr. Spoon Lee and Mr. Shirt Chan

The professor of sociology was on his own lecturing while the participants were dozing off after the heavy lunch. I fought my eyes to at least pretend to be awake more from the respect and courtesy to the age of professor than his hundreds of slides. When nothing seemed to work on me I navigated my thought and looked at my friend, Mr. Spoon Lee. Read more »

No End

Come sit by me
I will show you something

Look at the sunset
The darkness is following.
It is not the end,
There is tomorrow
The sun will shine again.
Look at that rose, do you see?
It is all dried and withered.

See the other one,
It is blooming, isn’t it beautiful?
The garden is rich.
The road is wide open
I’ll go right, and yours is left.
The moon is on her throne,
Why do you worry?
We will meet every full moon night.

Come, let us take a walk
I’ll show you another thing…

I paid back

Soon after I got a call from Bumthang that my grandmother was seriously sick, I applied few days leave and hit the highway. In haste I had forgotten my cell phone and wrist watch making my late journey incertitude of time. The thought to catch the last breath of my granny reached me till Pelela when my front tyre got flattened. The fading winter sun Read more »

Truth is god…

How am I supposed to be wise when you fool me?
How am I supposed to be right when you are wrong?
How am I supposed to lower my voice when you are not impartial to me? Read more »

Oskar Schindler – the Nazi who bought Jews

That was great. That was simply touching. That was self sacrifice there. That was letting your dream of much hard work go down into the drain. That was something that turned out that way though it never meant to be there from where they headed to. And that was humane. And that was Oskar Schindler unlike many other Nazis who kissed a Jewish girl not with hatred and brutality but with love for the humans. Read more »

I’m Lucky

I believed that I was an unlucky person in the world, but I am not. The incident of 3rd October, 2010 proved me wrong.  I was on my way to Samtse on an official duty from Phuentsholing. The weather was pleasant and the sky clear. I drove with my wife and a friend. We were enjoying, stopping to take photo to be posted on Facebook and laughing most of the time. Read more »

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