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Car sickness

This may not be a big deal for those who never felt the pain of going through the dreadful fear of puking in the car. The pain is enormous as it envelops embarrassment, mess, headache and takes away all the fun of traveling. If I am traveling tomorrow, I get the hangover today. The thought is enough to provoke a feeling of nausea in me. I become deactivated and sick. Read more »

Teachers and Teachers

~ When training is over, placements are made
To them, time and again, it’s told and said;
Thimphu, Paro & P/ling is out of their reach Read more »

Forgotten Picture

A year and a month had passed when I finally start writing something about my hike to Sewla, after I accidentally browsed old folders in my computer and came across the photos  and like any other photos taken by digital camera, the photos were not printed. The strenuous hike uphill towards Sewla Goenpa  with my  heavy boots plastered with mud due to drizzle, Read more »

Right foot on the brakes!

One cold wintry morning, exactly at 8:50 AM, Chayphee drove his car inches behind a Toyota Land Cruiser. On such a cold morning, for neither was he a prophet nor an astrologer, it was hard for him to predict the moves and whims of the driver in front. To add to that, at breathing intervals, he let out thick vapors from his mouth that he could literally count the water droplets at Read more »

Collection of me


I am 22, running 23 and at this age it must be a shame to cry out for ‘mommy’. I lost her a few years ago and it was a surprise death…who am I kidding! Read more »

Faraway Love

Ah! So cold, the crawling night seems
When the very light of my life dims.
Why? Me is a man torn apart Read more »

A visitor at an undue hour

Time was 10.50PM. “..aaaaah….cheeeew..Ahhh..aa..!” Pema whimpered in agony for the third time. It was a chain reaction which had begun couples of minutes ago. An hour ago,he had gulped down two tablets of aspirin to relieve himself from his rising body temperature. The viral intrusion of cough and cold had been tormenting him for a month then. Read more »

The Norms of Life

Kindness, the sweetest of all language
Is seen by blind and heard by deaf.
Insult not to others, for this is a luggage Read more »

On the roads of Afghanistan 1

Twenty minutes. Waiting for an answer I looked back and saw a tall and smart man in black suit, white shirt and pastel blue tie with a walkie talkie set. He saw me and hurried towards me.

‘Whet is et, Madame?’ Read more »

Reflections – Of life and its essence

When all measures fail, what good is there to try?
‘Ah! Put your head in-between your knees and cry
Tears,’ it’s said ‘cleanse all your accumulated sorrow; Read more »

My infant Buddha nature

I don’t want to publish any more books for the same reason. At least not now, I tell myself every time temptation mounts. When people say they like my writing or admit that they appreciate my works, it only means one thing to me now at least – they are just being nice to me. Back then I was so moved when all my classmates showed interest in having a copy of my book. Read more »


There is this cell number with me… the number that was given to me by a friend of mine. The name on the other side is Kezdron…stands for Kezang Lhadron. She is a contract teacher, somewhere in Trashigang Dzongkhag. My friend gave me this number when Kezdron broke up with her boyfriend of two years. I consoled her, offered her a shoulder to cry on. Then she came on Facebook, Read more »

Angry? Not at all

The car in my front does not show indicator in the cross road and I assume it is going straight. When just a metre away from the junction it turns abruptly right almost banging my car. Nope, I won’t get angry this time. Read more »

Reflections – Of solitary and loneliness

Either alone or in a crowd, I always feel dejected,
When I sleep curling the pillow I feel rejected,
When I wake up amidst the noises I feel neglected. Read more »

On the road to Afghanistan 2

On 2nd April, as I was going through immigration at Delhi Airport, the person checking my papers asked me why I was going to Afghanistan. I told him the reason. He asked me if I knew about Afghanistan and why I was risking my life to go there. I told him it was to help prepare the young Afghans in combating drug abuse. He told me it wasn’t a good reason to take risk. Read more »

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