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Myriad thoughts and bizarre dreams II

I had been the most affected with the Bhutanese Inconsistency Syndrome (BIS) because it has been almost six months since Writers Association of Bhutan (WAB) last saw me. In these last six months nothing came out of me. I also have no idea as to my whereabouts thus far. One thing for sure: I haven’t been to Farmville, my crops must have withered and my poultry Read more »

Who is without problems?

‘You seem to be an addict’ asked my friend. I halted for few seconds and horizontal waves of wrinkles  disseminated over my forehead .  My face  blushed  in want of an answer.  No, nothing could be found.  ‘I am normal, absolutely fine’ answered myself. This prompted me ask him again,  ‘what is that really am addicted too’? The answer came, ‘haha’ followed by Read more »

Dreams and tears

All wanna be king and Queen;
saddle on chauffeured limousine.
beers brewing across the brim. Read more »

Destined love

I have been wondering since many years,  plunging me into an ocean of doubts about the so called destiny. Perhaps I never understood it and I never knew much about it. Not many months past since I really got touched by my relationship with her. The way we handle and tackle love  makes simpler and comfortable relationship. It teaches me many things in life and I will keep learning about it. Read more »

Strangers’ strange introduction

Everyone farts; from new born to geezer hood, sick or healthy, in toilets and in luxurious beds.  Mostly while being alone. If I have enjoyed seeing the bubbles in the bath tub so must have been with many. Farting is necessary from excessive consumption of beetle nuts while driving alone throughout the day, however, it does not warrant getting carried away Read more »

Dinner Threats

One evening our girls panicked when they heard some noises from about archery range’s distance above heir hostel.  They didn’t know what to make out and were very scared. They just had dinner and were about to sleep. In absence of electricity, we would go to bed early to save our kerosene so that we could at least stay late into the night preparing for exams with our lamps enough to dispel the darkness. Read more »

Grandma’s Last Smile

Seventy eight is not old for my grandma
In her childish hopes and early prayers
Senile sinews burdens spirited tomorrow, Read more »

Games that People Play

He told his home maker, he is going to rest for a while and that he will call her by 11:30. They were separated by 171 kilometers because of their jobs. He never calls. Tring tring tring tring……..his phone rings at 11:35 PM, he takes out his phone, sees “Wifey”, and with one go on a button the phone goes silent. The phone rings time and again and with the same irritated expression Read more »

With his red robe in the Court

“If you work on sand for oil, you wouldn’t get any drop”, is the expression that I totally find astounding. This proverb is contrary to everything you hear from the other side. But there is more wisdom in that proverb. My father, with his red robes insisted to the court that we have a month long time to pay. His view comes from a broad perspective of wisdom Read more »

Submit Short Stories for Mountain Echoes Anthology

As an extension of the literary energy generated by the recent highly successful Mountain Echoes Literary Festival, Siyahi plans to compile an anthology of original short stories from Bhutan. We invite entries of short stories of 2000 to 4000 words. The stories should be unpublished original works and not translations. The final anthology will include a selection of 15-20 short stories. Read more »

Our domestic violence

We know our country is blessed with green environment and modern technologies, but we are also aware some form of domestic violence takes place here. Many people might have faced different kinds of violence, but very few understand the source of violence. People think that domestic violence is mere quarreling between the couples, which is often mistaken. Read more »

Journey amid the Chilly Night

The stretch of platform covers the entire plain, the tracks compresses the whole earth, the mighty roof shelters the vast concrete base, and people from all walks of life gathers beneath it, hurrying towards their respective platform with their belongings, though they eye on the happenings by their surrounding as well. Thousands they were scattered here and there, Read more »

December 17, 2003: Phu-Kaaptong

Thunders crack open the sky,
Lightning streak the horizon,
Rains splatter upon the ruins Read more »

The Government and the people or Opposition

Yesterday was the second hearing of the government and the opposition. Looking by the essence and the way they argue, the fight seems to be between the people and Ministry of Finance. Over the BBS footage on the litigants in the Supreme Court, it reminds  me of the cordial meeting of the old legal fraternity of the country. The Gasa MP Damchoe, the then Attorney General Read more »

When can we say we have learnt everything?

Learning, learning, learning…there is no end to learning in life! In fact everyday is a new learning experience for each one of us. There are many more to learn even with some of the things we know or have learnt. For instance even the professionals and learned educationists – like the medical doctors, PhDs, engineers, scientists, masters, architects, Read more »

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