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Still a Hero

“Yeshey stands first,” the teacher announces and the sound of applause fills the air. “And the Second Prize goes to Tenzin,” he continues. The boys receive prizes wrapped in white newsprint paper along with their academic results as another round of applause follows. The Headmaster takes the podium. “Everybody has done well this academic year. Read more »

In chaotic state, they wept

The doors, it remained closed and the locks are prone to rust,
The floor, its un-swept for long and is full of dust,
The roof, as and when shower tatters, it will seep, Read more »

It is jungle out there

There I was again joining a queue accompanied by my dear wife and my five month-old daughter outside one of the ATM outlets in town. This was the second time in a row in not less than 24 hours. I am told that if there are more than four withdrawals in a month, the bank does not pay us interest on the amount we have in our accounts. But lo, on an average, mine has a withdrawal once a day. Read more »

Away from Home

The day is drawing to a close;
a short nap after the class –
I saw a dream but wasn’t clear Read more »

HM’s Birth Anniversary and the lessons from the PM

On the morning of 21st of February 2011 I woke up from my bed knowing it was the birthday of our beloved King. BBS was busy broadcasting the Live events on TV with their commentary works. The historic Changlingmethang  was not only crowded with elegantly dressed people but was also dazzlingly  decorated with colorful flags all around. The otherwise foggy morning slowly gave Read more »

Chatting faithful husband

There were two kinds of mood going back to office after a long holiday break. The laziness was pervasive until I was given series of time bound tasks to complete. I switched on to momentous gear and picked up the speed to finish the tasks on time. It was 3.30 P.M. I needed a break. I fearlessly opened up Facebook to see her online. A colleague saw my monitor and looked at me in amazement. Read more »

Hello Facebook

“Hello, after a long time, how r u?”
“M fine. Wat abt u?” Read more »

Adious from the North wind

I come every winter from the ice lain
Glacier in the north of Drukyul
Alone, among barren meadows and ragged falls Read more »

Am I too important for Bhutan?

I have never been famous as today; I am so happy that am becoming one of the important elements in the history of Bhutan. I did not expect such huge importance from the Bhutanese people where it is predominately visited and blessed by Guru Rinpoche. I know most Bhutanese do not like me especially in the rural areas in spite of that they are the most hospitable Read more »

Broken Glass

‘Tshering I am gone,’ her father shouted from the door. There was the sound of water flushing in the bath room and the door being opened. ‘Alright daddy, good day…and bye,’ she yelled back. The familiar sound of the bike’s engine faded to the north. She dried her hair, combed rather hurriedly and went to the dining table to see what her father had prepared for breakfast. Read more »

Losing my Shoes

I don’t know how I do it
I really do not know.
I always seem to lose my shoes Read more »

It maybe because

Why I am alive today? What good actions have I done till date? Who has inspired me? When shall I find true peace? How do I approach problems? etcetera etcetera……it goes on, tormenting the brain or better to be called ‘the mind’. I ask every time to get more and more confused. It is simply because, I can’t complete the sentence beginning with ‘because’ and even if I did, Read more »

The End?

Coffees were replaced by occasional dinners and shopping sprees. He was too peaceful a companion for a wild shopping spree, not a character well defined in a man. Somehow shopping and men seem like antonyms, but my stranger turned friend lived through all my hassling around the stores which offered sales. There was no boredom ever flashing across his smiley face. Read more »

A Tribute to my King

When the chilly winter gave its way to the warmth of spring sun
When the season of aridity was replaced by season of humidity
When the leafless trees gave new flush of vigorous buds Read more »

Taking two to answer

And there are times for introspection. It is not during lone hours but amidst busiest ones as well…did life take the right turn? Could things have become any better or for that matter even worse? We have held dear for so long and then letting go? In a snap of a finger or a wink of an eye as they say and it has been termed right…the shortest tick lasting a lifetime. Read more »
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