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Juniper and the Dove

Long ago at the periphery of a small village in northern Bhutan, there was a small forest. Different species of plants grew there and the place was inhabited by many animals and birds. Amid these woods, there was small spring water, which flow down as stream to finally pour into a big river. By the source of the river were trees and bushes, which grew profusely and abundantly. Read more »

Top Dogs and Bottom Feeders

Whether they came from some far off galaxy or had been here, well-hidden, all along, we were never to know. One day, they simply appeared among us, big, terrifying… and incredibly ugly. It was a day like any other on this planet we call Earth, all of us going about our lives as usual, in our various countries, cities, towns and such. The latest wars and mini-wars, Read more »

On Growing Up

Growing up is painful
As you grow up
You start changing Read more »

Once Upon a Time

In a place as far from here and now as space and time can be, a lovely world was laid waste by its own chief inhabitants. The same greed and envy of one toward another, responsible for the raising of its prime beings’ civilization to heights of which we humans cannot even begin to imagine, was equally as effective in bringing on its downfall. Not to mention, the near total Read more »

Worlds Without End

Do you know who’s as close to being God as anyone can get? A writer! It’s easy. We all do it. Just by putting words together, I can:
…turn tragedy into a happy ending;
…leave a slum behind to live at Versailles or in a villa on any Greek island; Read more »

The Shovel in her heart

It was his turn next. Miss Tulsi waited while he gave her a hard stare before getting up with great reluctance. “I’m Tshewang…….” The pause was the silence before the storm, “….and I LOVE CRICKET,” he boomed. The whole class turned towards Tshewang whose introduction to their new class teacher sounded more of an angry grunt than the normal shy ones. Read more »

She forgave me

I’ll never forget that look on her face – frustration, hurt and desperation. She was clearly hurt, I could tell from the expression on her face. And that expression keeps haunting me until now. I didn’t mean to hurt her like that and it was too late to realize it was a poor joke. I feel terribly sorry for having attempted such an act – a foolish one at that. It has truly let her down. Read more »


Tshering woke up suddenly. The bits of sweats dropped from his brows as if he had been working in a hot day. He found himself panting. He had the most frightening dream. He was all alone in a dark forest. He could hear sound of people and of roaring river. He found that he was wrapped by a dark cloud and he was unable to breathe. He was running somewhere downward Read more »

Confession Part-XI: The unexpected meeting after 16 years

Thus the journey of my next two years together with her as a school mate and a secret love went on without so much of a victory or defeat. March 1997 came for our ICSE examination and with it the final graduation from the home school. It was my saddest farewell session. My prayers and wishes were coming to the last wisp of smoke from the raging fire Read more »


r-ather a Read more »

Story behind The Other Woman

“You…”she pointed her slender fingers right near my nose, I flinched,”…just in class EIGHT and your boyfriend in class TEN, what are you going to feed your children?” She took a long angry breath. “Rotten socks?” My trembling lips could summon no answer to my angry matron who was shouting at me for having caught me talking to my boyfriend on the steps Read more »

God amongst men – an Ode to a Teacher

For the appellation you acquire with certificate
Won through toil in schools,
Or destined to be a Guru Read more »

Simple classroom debate

In one of my sociology classes we had a debate on abortion. The debate was whether to legalize abortion in Bhutan or not. This is the controversial issue that has lead to debate among many scholars. So we sought to have a small debate on it. As usual, some favored abortion to be legalized in Bhutan. They supported an abortion revolving around the principle of Read more »

It’s time to give Up

The incessant tears falling from her eyes
Fell on the earth and turned into the ocean
of blood and filled the land on earth Read more »

Wind of change

Being in a college is an amazing part of life. Some say that college life is the creamy part of our life.  We make many friends and experience many things that would make us a better person in future.  Yes, life in Kanglung College is wonderful. The chilling whether, the friendly locals and the beautiful campus makes life at Sherubtse spectacular. Library, computer labs Read more »

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