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Letter to the Unborn

It’s not you. It’s me, it’s them, and it’s the world I live in. After three years of going back and forth on this issue, and after 23 years of living, I am finally putting my foot down. I might be expected to do a lot of explaining to my family and the society I live in, but I think I am only responsible to answer to one person and that is you. This world has always had Read more »

The Memoir of a Rebellious Daughter

It was 7 pm and like always we had not eaten our dinner yet, although tonight, it seemed like it would take a while for us to finally get to eating. My step-dad, known to most people by his name, Norbu, but whom I called Dad, was in the living room watching a cricket match, broadcast live from some place in India, while my mom was in my bedroom outraged Read more »

Momma must go

Two years old at 8 O’clock
Tugged my cloth
And refused to give my sock. Read more »

The Dream and The Realization

He was very cool and collected. He calmly removed the little velvet box from his blazer pocket while talking to me. Then as he continued talking, he very gently pulled out a bunch of rings from the cute little box. He then slowed his talking and grabbed my hand. Looked into my eyes and and again very calmly, this time with a smile, asked me, “Will you marry me?” Read more »

The Value

If there is no darkness
we won’t know the value of light
If there is no night Read more »

Three (definitely NOT) Idiots

“I’ve left a mail for you in Yahoo, read it and reply it ASAP,” the ASAP would always come in bold letters for that’s where the main message is, ALWAYS. I quickly click onto my Yahoo and see my inbox flooded with anger, resentment, stress, sorrow and finally a predicament as my friend fills me with the latest of her love-life which seems more of a Read more »

What is Happiness?

When she joined her pre-primary
She thought she would be happy
When she reach class six Read more »

A Moment to Treasure

The night was silent. The gentle breeze was blowing and the stars lit up the place. Indeed it was beautiful night one would fancy a walk but she didn’t. She lived alone in the house. She took dinner early as there was no electricity she had to use gas stove and battery lamp for lighting. She was reciting her evening prayer when she heard a knock at her door. Read more »

Theorem of Toothache

I have a toothache and it is painful but in gmail chat I have written as “Toothache isn’t painful” in antonym to the truth. I saw a message from an old nick which we had not met for over a year. It said, “Is it?” I wondered what it meant. The chat did not even begin with “hi”. I had to think for a while to connect to my status of ‘toothache isn’t painful’. Immediately I said it isn’t painful Read more »

She needs to sleep

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she sat on her bed in the corner of her dark gloomy room. As usual, the four walls of her room is her only companion. Beside her, her two children slept so peacefully not knowing the pain of their mother. Looking at them and placing her hand on their forehead, she cried more…and more… This was the usual Read more »

Lost vision

It is when the first morning clamour rattle,
A howl, a chirp, a creak or clatter,
The nightlong quietness breaks Read more »

My wife bullies me

While I was in school, I fell in love with some girls, but I never had the guts to confess my love to any of those girls. But as the days folded onto days, I realized my emotions have remained just that bearing no fruits. I was a good dreamer though. I have watched enough romantic movies to dream of a perfect marriage. I wanted to marry a girl of my dream, Read more »

What is Self?

Million things come to my mind.
All is delusion even to define self
Enveloped by the dark clouds of illusion Read more »

He said, ‘Write about Me’

I have to keep my word. I have been juggling around my old documents and found snippets of conversation I had with a friend a long time ago. When we were talking, I was also reading a book. He said he was watching a movie and he was not able to sleep. Reading our conversation made me feel that tingly sensation you get when you are watching a childish, sweet, Read more »

My companion

It’s another day
raindrops and my lonely heart;
I’ve a companion Read more »

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