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Mirthful Living

The rooms are silent,
Dark and cold as an ancient cave,
Air has thicken inside, Read more »

Across the Distance

I said, “Hi”.
Wangs replied, “Hi, how are you?”
“I am fine and what about you?” Read more »

In flashing lightening

You came to my life like flash of lightening
At once you illuminated my dark life Read more »

Season of Varied Sentiments

Far gone is the season of hopefulness,
With the blazing sun replacing spring warmth,
With seeds sprouting into luxuriant greenness, Read more »

Enthusiasm to Learn

As I was lying on the bed taking some rest after class, an idea struck me suddenly. I thought, why don’t I write something on it? So, I got up and began writing these lines. After class twelve board examinations, I was at my village waiting for the result. With building tension and worrying about the result, I was never at peace. Read more »

The Village

In a far-flung pocket of Bhutan, there was a small village. It was a windy morning, and the villagers heard their Tshogpa’s voice clear and loud. He said, “Listen, all of you! Tomorrow a very important official will visit our village. So, one from each household should attend the meeting Read more »

My dream of peace

Where heads raise high
Where mind is free

Where birds fly freely Read more »

In search of Happiness

‘You are born free but remain in chain thereafter.’ Since he read this life, Sagar was annoyed with the social system human beings created. He would imagine a free and independent life. His indoctrination was that real happiness in life is attainable only one is free. For Sagar happiness matters a lot – whether it is for work, play, wander, sleep or rest. Read more »

Kuenga Dhendup

“So Kuenga Dhendup finally brought you here!” Our host sipped his wine with a huge slurp sound. I looked at my roommate. “Kuenga Dhendup?” I never heard my room mate tell me her hubby’s name was Kuenga, I always thought I heard her call him ‘bangka’. Oh! realisation struck, no person can have a name so weird as ‘bangka’ so his real name must be ‘Kuenga’, Read more »

Alarming false advertisements

False commercial adver­tisements are gaining popularity and cap­turing the attention of mass sections of Bhutanese society. Commercial advertisements have come in all forms, and we the Bhutanese have wel­comed everything. Whatever the advertiser does, we tend to believe it is true show. I am deeply concerned if we cannot differentiate between the reality Read more »

Lion in a Cage

This is an essay written by my nephew who is in class V. He is only about 9 years old. But I am amazed at the thoughts he put in and the feeling/emotions that made the thought possible…I am not sure, whether to feel proud or scared.. how can a child think so much and how can he feel this way…he is just a child. Read more »


Eyes red, turned out blind
Thorns at feet, blood oozing
Head cracked, brain gushing out Read more »

Slaved Rose

Wings of the morning rays spread its daylight
Upon the dampness of the waking garden,
As I awake to the newest hour, Read more »

Where did I go wrong?

Where did I go wrong?
That you had to leave me.

Did I trust you too much? Read more »

New Beginning

Let’s get going,dear,
I’ve my heart packed
full of love Read more »

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