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What is love?

What is love?
love is so strange
Love is not made Read more »

My Son and I Don’t Speak to Each Other

When he was a baby, I’d put him to sleep by hugging his little, warm body against my chest and walking back and forth across the room with his chin resting on my shoulder. Read more »

He and I

The moon shone over my head last night.
I first saw him during my usual rounds. Till then I had thought no man could ever have a place in my heart. I have seen many men but this particular man caught my fancy. The feelings that crept into my heart at the sight of him scared me. Read more »

From Creative Non-fiction Writing Workshop…cont.

The challenge in writing about people, especially about someone famous, is that it can become sometimes the legend becomes bigger than the person. The challenge about writing people you are known to is the possibilities of ruinous consequences as it is hard not to tell all the facts, good and bad, while at the same time you don’t want to Read more »

From Creative Non-fiction Writing Workshop

I registered with the BMCD to attend the workshop and then the word came that I could represent WAB, which had its own advantage because it would spare me paying the Nu 2800 attendance fee. However when I did attend the Workshop I was my own man. But I still feel obliged to fulfill the responsibility that a proper WAB representative Read more »

Thank You Doctor

I had a mole on my nose – large enough, that my own eyes could see it. I had it since my childhood days and it’s a kind of my birth mark too. I remember it was small when I was young, but with my growth it also started to expand almost deforming my otherwise a beautiful nose.  Read more »

Creative non-fiction writing workshop

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to WAB administrators for giving me the chance to attend creative non-fiction writing workshop. The weeklong workshop was organized by the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) in Thimphu which ended yesterday. I also thank BCMD’s Executive Director Madam Pek Siok Sian Dorji Read more »


Dream shattered the hope dashed
By the waves of broken promise
I stand on the brink of life perched Read more »

One Day in my Dream

My eyes finally closed to the darkness,
But the lights at the far end blinded me.
Slowly came an angel, Read more »

The Accidental Tourist

A foreign dog lost its way and got stranded in the jungles of Bhutan. A few days later, he reached a small village somewhere in Bhutan. Since the dog could not understand the language of the natives, he went from one house to another looking for someone who could speak and understand his language. As he walked through the village, Read more »

Painted smile

An Ode to Your Majesties

When the world is marred by violence,
When all leaders greed for power,
When people are crippled by grievances, Read more »

Mother Nature

Since this is my very first post here, I would like to start with something I wrote in school for our wall magazine.

As I wandered amidst the rustling and bustling of the thick forest, lost in the beauty of big beautiful trees and the soothing birds’ chirps, I was startled by the distant sounds of people murmuring. Read more »

The Reason

The rift had been created between us
And it has widened more than before
The bridge I try to build is broken Read more »

How to Graduate from College

Congratulations for making up to Gaeddu College. It is the government business institution that’s  only three years old and the college is known for producing able graduates since its inception. Dear friends, now that you are in college, I guess your sole aim is to graduate from this institution. And you are also in the college with lots of expectations Read more »

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