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Experiencing PE and NGOP

Just a day before the time scheduled for PE by RCSC, I was not able to sleep well and whole nerves of my brain kept on reminding whether I can really cross the first dilapidated bridge. Furthermore, if I fail, the whole aim of my life will get ruined, and perhaps my illiterate mom and dad will scold me. So these days, my father always reminding me one thing; Read more »

Dying Son

Here I lie in the pool of blood
In the distant land among the stranger

I see people staring at me and Read more »

The Karmic Bond

Majestic and immaculate
Firmly rest the pristine Gangkar Puensum.
Shrouded in the thicket of whitish wool, Read more »

The god who couldn’t cry (part 4)

Gangkar Puensum and Three Rivers

In the past, the farmers of Bumthang were envious of those living in the valley of Mangde and Kurtoe because those two valleys besides having many hilly terrains managed to build beautiful terraces and grow paddy. But the poor Bumthaps despite having a beautiful valley with nearly plain topography, they could not grow paddy, which is why they mainly Read more »

The god who couldn’t cry (part 3)

Moments that I miss

When I think of the past, about eight years ago, there are moments that I miss, the moments that I cherish the most. Those memories seemed so blur and unclear to me. What was it that I felt I missed out that I couldn’t see it? What was it that was so important to me I just could not find out?

Read more »

One of a kind: The Loner

I sometimes wonder what I am and who I am. I am always lost and can’t figure out what actually I am. At times I find myself so strange and different. Why? I just don’t understand it. So lets just see what kind of a person I am and only then people can be able to judge  and understand ‘Me’.

Read more »

The killing for losar

As we all know that Dawa Dangpa Losar is the only last losar in Bhutanese Calender. Everybody thinks to celebrate with delicious meals but nobody realizes how many animals have been killed just for the one day. Since it’s the social gathering for all us to enjoy with our beloved family, everybody works hard with enthusiasm and energy before losar to buy meat. Even the beggars Read more »

Life as I have experienced

Ever since I was born,
and ever since I learned to live,
I have always known that life is nothing but a mere breathe that we take. Read more »

Circle of the dogs and men

Around 9 in the evening at the downtown of Thimphu city, Domchung and Katu were abruptly disturbed from their sleep. Two middle aged men had started the brawl. Domchung lifted its head and sniffed the aroma of Sikam paa from the nearby building. The hunger triggered in Katu’s head too but kept its jaw on the hard cold pavement without the faintest hope the rich lady Read more »

The book who never accepted defeat (part 1)

A Way of Life

By birth we are all strangers be it siblings or close relatives. Though the siblings inherit the same gene from a common parent, they all existed in different realms before the very existence in this world. Our parents’ give us a name and distinguish our unique identities and thus we become a part of them. So by virtue of being born in the same family and having resided under the same roof since our birth, Read more »

15th August Gratitude to Hindustan

For every pinch of sea salt we taste in our foods;
for every grain of rice we eat every day,
for every pint of oil we cook, Read more »

New Me

Avoiding ailing agony
before becoming
catastrophic castaway ; Read more »

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