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Cardboard castle

Unicorns in the cloud
Pug marks upon sand.
Fleets of paper ships, Read more »

A Tribute to Royal Couple

With love and gratitude

For the last few days I have been busy on my canvass trying to do justice. When my fellow country mates are doing their part to be part of the historic Royal Wedding on October 13, 2011, I could not help trying to paint a royal portrait of His Majesty the King and his charming Royal Bride Ashi Jetsun Pema.

This is a small token of love and respect from my side to the Royal couple on their happy and historic wedding. My Dear Majesties, please kindly accept this humble gift from a humble subject and kindly pardon me for any deficiencies that your royal portrait might suffer.

Just as pictures speak more than words let this portrait speak more than what I can express to Your Majesties. And through this portrait art I join with all the people of Bhutan in wishing Your Majesties sound health, bountiful happiness and long life.

Trashi Delek!

Ugyen Wangdi

Bank of Bhutan Ltd



Bhutan: Through the Lens of the King

His Majesty the King publishes his first book, Bhutan: Through the Lens of the King. It’s an opportunity for us to see our country through the divine eyes of the king who loves meeting his people and spending time.

Snapshot of HM's book

Cover Page of the Book

I have not yet known where the book is available and at what cost it is being sold therefore any information on this wonder book is welcome. Please share what you know about it in the comment section.

The predicaments of a four years BBA course

Of all the courses that RUB had adopted for the last six years, the BBA four years course was an outlandish; remiss that had deprived many BBA students. The issue of difference between three and four years was incessantly debated between the RUB officials and students of GCBS, and even gyrating on the glowing differences between BBA and B.Com. Even to the top bureaucrats, the issue was aired to them with anticipation to Read more »

Sexy earthquake

Everyone felt the shake of earth and then people shared the experiences to each other. It became the talking point everywhere and in every medium of communication. Some blogged, some called and some talked in persons. ‘What were you doing that time?’ was what many asked. The same question was asked to me too. ‘I had become a horse’ was what I Read more »

Where Is My Right to Information?

On the outset, let me make clear to all the readers that whatever I write in WAB is my own and I am neither a grammar guru having graduated from Oxford nor a Cambridge aficionado. I am just a simple and budding writer having recently graduated from Gaeddu College of Business Studies with four years BBA course and to learn the art of Read more »

Fleeting Life in the heart of Thimphu

The media termed it as a city of crime;

Illiterate people called it as a city of moneyed people;

And I called it as a city of struggling. Read more »

I am searching a man (dedicated to royal wedding)

Keeping all things aside,
I am choosing on one subject
I am searching a man in this country Read more »


There is something that
I am not able to find
there is yearning and Read more »

Earthquake quarrel

Just before the jolt of 6.9 magnitude tremor, Dema was waiting for a taxi at Changzamtog Flyover Bridge. A Maruti Van taxi turned towards her direction. She rose to stop it and asked the cab driver to take her to Babesa.  He was alone and agreed to take her for Nu. 80.  Read more »

Weeping In Solitude

So calm and peaceful was the night,
Cool gentle breeze swept my ear,
As lonely, I sat with my only asset Read more »

Happy Blessed Rainy Day

From the Old Stone Age to Modern World,
The abattoir keeps on escalating
Insatiable human appetite was never sabotaged; Read more »

Yes! I am happy

If asked whether I was ever happy, I would say yes I am. I am happy with my life and why wouldn’t I? With parents so loving and caring and with friends as the best companion, I am very happy with my life. I have the most hard working and loving mother, who look after everyone in the house, who faces a lot of hurdles and who in fact is the chairperson Read more »

Life after College

Today, it resonates back to my mind drumming like a tinnitus. Back in the college, our parental bucks were used for purchasing gifts for friends’ birthday celebrations, regular picnic, uncountable entertainment shows and even on drinks. Now, we are into the real world where every journeys and steps that we make for employing ourselves depends Read more »

The Need for Standardization

Let’s standardize the way we spell our Dzongkha words and names in English. This is because in absence of standard spellings we are confusing ourselves with so many variations. Let’s help ourselves. For example, Wangduephodrang is sometimes spelt as Wangdiphodrang. Which one is the correct spelling? Likewise – Monggar or simply Read more »

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