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Season of Joy and Mellow Fruitfulness.

The monsoon has turned drizzles and heats mild,
As the sun shifts towards southern hemisphere.
Yesterday, the trees were green gold Read more »


Life is hard
problems are more
Time passes by Read more »

Just in case

Ladies out there,
When life treats you not that fair
Or when you feel out of company Read more »

Vague destination

Sinuous I see,
looking ahead,
Not a peace of mind did I find, Read more »

The sweet betrayal

The season of love ended,
those beautiful memories,
untouched and unremembered, Read more »

For Reasons Unknown

The distance is too far and the sight seems blurred,
The pen though mightier than sword, is clogged,
the beauty though it exist, is cloaked in dark mist, Read more »

In the profession of a guidance counselor

Counselling is interpreted differently by different people in our country. To some it’s about advice, and to others it’s tea and sympathy. For others, counselling is a long-term process, but sure enough it is a hotly debated subject amongst professionals working in the schools and outside. Read more »

Royal Wedding: Chalice of Happiness

Eyes closed in silent wishes, folded hands in sacred prayer,
We waited for the newest morning to awake,
The thirteenth October day to the celestial sound reverberate Read more »

With LOVE to WAB…

I met you once
And loved you so much
Never wanted to part from you. Read more »

Unfolding of the Momentous Moment

Happy Royal Wedding and Long live Your Majesties! (Photo: Office of the Royal Media)

The year was 2008. The whole nation wore joyous looks as we celebrated three milestone events in our nation’s history – centenary celebration, coronation of our beloved king and our successful transition to the parliamentary democracy. And being unable to physically be there at the celebration we could only lament our missed opportunity at Read more »

My Internship Struggles

When the clock exactly strikes 4:00 PM, logging off the window and properly shutting down the system, Mr. Jigme stands up from a revolving cozy chair with a sigh of relieve and gets out from the four-storeyed building functioning as the head office of National Pension and Provident Fund. Read more »

Royal Wedding: Historically Significant and Currently Joyous to Celebrate

Today, Bhutan is traveling through a period of great change; the period that bestows jubilation to every citizen, and a moment of historic event that we the people can come together and celebrate. It symbolizes the symbol of unity; group together the sense of belongingness; augment the pride for nation as a Buddhist Country ruled by a Buddhist King; Read more »

Joining the Nation in the Celebration

Happy Royal Wedding (Photo Credit: Office of the Royal Media)

Writers Association of Bhutan would like to take this moment to wish our beloved His Majesty and the Royal Bride Ashi Jestun Pema a very Happy Royal Wedding. May this holy union bring in good health and undying love to the Royal couple. May there be peace and prosperity in the Land of the Thunder Dragon and may our philosophy of Gross National Happiness flourish forever and more.

On this joyous occasion, we can’t help reproducing Daffodils by the great bard William Wordsworth and join the nation in the celebration. Read more »

Lets celebrate momentous occassion

(Photo: Office of the Royal Media)

As I return to this forum after a long gap, I am delighted to jot down a few lines to join the rest of the nation in celebrating the Royal Wedding of His Majesty the Fifth King and the Royal Bride. Read more »

The Burgeoning Economy of Bhutan

My two ears do not possess the huge listening capacity for hearing this dreadful economic term called ‘inflation’, yet, the term is becoming a real ghost in Bhutan. Starting from basic necessities, the costs are escalating and the moment salary hike promulgates through the media, house owners, and shopkeepers become active, which is adequate enough to Read more »

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