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Support our Brothers and Sisters Living with HIV/AIDS for a Greater Cause

Bhutan as of July, 2010 has official figure of 217 HIV/AIDS cases out of which 43 died and leaves with 164 known HIV/AIDS cases. In-between December 2009 to July, 2010, 32 new cases were detected out of which 16 females and 16 males including one minor. The figure shows only the detected cases and actual infected numbers could be higher in country. Read more »

How I lost my virginity

One Friday evening, I was on my way home after attending to my students’ queries on reproductive systems in the class. A chapter on reproductive system always kept me awake when I was myself a student. Today’s students’ are no different; I had lots of questions from my students, which had me extended hours of teaching that evening. Read more »

The Tendrelthang Incident and Aftermath

All of us have been made aware of the hue and cry about the Tendrelthang Incident, which involved police atrocity and brutal treatment of a Yanchenphug school student, largely through the print media and of course some online forums too. The incident happened on 4th of the last month. The news about a Thimphu Superintendent of Police manhandling a 19-year old student spread far and wide.

Read more »

Like a bird

Like a bird my mind flew,
Amid versatility of clouds.
With no proper destination Read more »

Dzongkha: The Failing Conundrum

Many will accept that our national language is deteriorating by the major influence of English and even the Dzonglish too. Our policy makers and bureaucrats are always attempting to pull back the edge of Dzongkha and augment it further for the sake of protection. I have every confidence that if we the Bhutanese do not let the roots of Dzongkha to spread Read more »

I better drive safely

Late night, a friend picked me up from the town to reach home. The merrier mood changed abruptly upon seeing an oncoming car. He flicked the headlight lever to high-beam signaling other car to put to dim. The other car responded very late and zoomed past us. My friend raised his right hand and swung hard on his thigh. I did not ask what he meant Read more »

The BBS Interview: Reflection of Media’s concern on issues

As he always used to be, last night was no different when Mr. Dawa, an anchor puts his questions to the Hon’ble Opposition Leader (OL) on issues ranging from politics to governance to role of opposition in the parliament. Despite of myself not being really fan of OL, I was fascinated by the answers given by the OL. Read more »

Understated lives -III

[In continuation of  Understated lives – I, Understated lives -II]

One day after school, my siblings and I had gone out to play after listening to mother’s complains of how we never took care of our school uniform and books. We had wanted to get away from her as fast as possible. Just as we reached the rear of the slum we realised we didn’t have our wire toys. You see, my siblings and I had an understanding to pick things from home turn Read more »

They laughed at me

From the cradle to the grave, the struggles of our life will be an ad-infinitum and we can make our life a catastrophic picturesque or slapstick as we choose today. I still remembered the saying that was popular when I was at Jigsher and goes, “The world is like a looking-glass: if you smile, it smiles, if you frown, it frowns back. Read more »

The Morality of Media

The latest BBC’s IQ2 debate on the theme “MEDIA HAVE NO MORALS” during 2011 the Festival of Dangerous Ideas held in Opera House, Sydney, Australia has sparked few thoughts in me about how moral are our local media in Bhutan. Like any other democracy, media in Bhutan is also considered the fourth arm of the government Read more »

GNH and Neo-Liberalism

(This was submitted as an assignment during my PGDPA at RIM)
Until the turn of the 19th century, Bhutan was seen as a lost land. The people were seen as a sort of curious mountain tribe, “with a deep running devil-worship tradition” (Baillie, 2005), and with little personal hygiene to speak of. Of course, it all changed. Thanks largely to a succession of Read more »

Ode to Black Necked Crane

Celebrating the auspicious 11.11.11

Yet again, it is a season of emptiness
And with every gust of wind, each green foliage would fade. Read more »

Bolu & Dophu

His name is Bolu
A peasant and the father of two.
Last summer he sold his only land Read more »

College Life (Part II)

Teachers were compassionate enough to guide and teach us. We still can’t remember how the college days were spent. The one year stay at Shercol was precious moment for in which the days were spent in swift manner and gauging those past moments in terms of sweetness in our minds today essentially gives me the euphoria. Read more »

College Life is a Golden Life (Part I)

Not everyone in life invariably succeeds it. Many fail to get college for further education; some flourish; other curse their karmic connection; and few even failed during the college life. And so, I also have hunted the dream of enjoying the college life back then in the March 26, 2007. It was memorable trend when a cluster of thousand twelve graduates Read more »

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