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When I am

I am growing old,
Wither eld; in the face of those  passersby
Don’t you see, I am older than yesterday? Read more »

Saga of Unrequited Love – VI

The Ultimate Solace

In the swirling ripples of the mighty lake,
The image of the silver moon broke into thousand pieces, Read more »

Wish you all a Happy New Year, 2012

How strongly and unwittingly I moved through the days of my life in 2011. I appeared Bhutan Civil Service Exam and stood 6th in overall by scoring 67.83%, and ranked second in Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Read more »

Saga of Unrequited Love – V

The Incomplete Circle

In this convulsive world, I was born,
I have no shoe to shield my sole. Read more »

Quest for unknown

There is something that
I am not able to find
there is yearning and Read more »

Joyous events

It’s nice to see all the people
Making queue to greet royal couple,
Inside the fortress of Punakha
Read more »

Fetching face

How can
I will forget your
Bewitching face?
Since you are Read more »

The Shadow of the Moon

The reflection of beams of silver moon from the auburn Paro valley brings much enchantment in my forlorn hours of darkness. When the world is tinted with such a beautiful, yet momentary colour of light, I cannot bring myself to a halt from walking in its illumination. The vibrant beams make me moderately sightless as if like I am looking through some Read more »

Saga of Unrequited Love – IV (Love Express)

In my eye to envision this universe,
All I see is the same flower, that’s you.
From thousand lights that illuminate darkness, Read more »

National Talent Hunt – “Gateway to Stardom”

How was your weekend, guys? Hope it was enjoyable and lovely. Mine really was, especially the Sunday afternoon. As usual I was trying to spend my leisure the usual way – watching TV and reading some blogs and news. I saw an advertisement aired on Norling channel a few days ago. It was about the launch of National Talent Hunt, Season 2. It was Read more »

104th National Day of Bhutan

More than a century ago, today was the day,
when all people did collectively and in unison pray
Gongsa Ugyen Wangchuck to lead and embark Read more »

104th National Day

Inspired by some of the finest poets here on the WAB, I’ve tried out a small poem to pay tribute to our Monarchs under whose guidance we have witnessed an unprecedented peace and prosperity…Long live our beloved Kings!
Behold there!
The flutters of saffron
In the turquoise sky, that adorn. Read more »

Saga of Unrequited Love – III

The Unexpressed Love

The early spring days has come to an end,
But the summer remained more temperate than usual. Read more »

Tears of limitless bliss—A Dream come true

I heard my friends, spiritual friends,  were constructing a ritual hall for the Throma Practitioners at Arekha. I wanted to donate financially but recently business was bad. Today morning I arrived at Arekha with a ruck sack slinging from my shoulder. Arekah is some thirty minutes drive from Gedu. I saw two of my old friends at building a four feet wall with Read more »


Little frustrated and clueless
I sit here idle like a statue.
All through these years and months Read more »
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