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Miza and Syelma

Miza and Syelma were two angels conceived in the hearts of two teenagers in their days of first touch of cupid. It was when love first touched their teeny tiny hearts and filled it with promises of having somebody who would be there for them no matter how bad circumstances turned them into. Read more »

Sweet intention turned sour

I don’t know whether it is appropriate to laugh, but sometimes looking at the way things are going behind the curtains of National Council and National Assembly really makes me feel like laughing at the top of my voice. I am sure many people out there feel the same. I mean sometimes, not always. This issue of smoking makes me Read more »

My Kind of Winter

Oh my god, winter vacation is here once again. I don’t know how my friends around the country feel, but this long vacation really scares me. There are reasons to be scared. Winter is a cold season and cold season welcomes cold atmosphere. Cold atmosphere invites sickness and diseases. It is a grave season. People cannot think beyond snow Read more »

Man and his Life

Through this lonely, silent night
under the twilight of stars above,
a strange feeling has reached its height Read more »

Like a Bird

Like a bird, I want to fly,
Above the clouds so high.
Soaring higher in the sky Read more »

Are we running short of LPG?

“Ting-ting! Tang-tong!” empty LPG cylinders fall in line one after another near Motithang BOD. There were men, women and children in casuals guiding their cylinders through the line. One person one cylinder became a norm ever since its supply turned out acute.  This has attracted whole family members Read more »

To my parents

Like every kid, I wish to fulfill my parents dream. Like a good daughter I want to fulfill every desire of my parents.

From childhood till my adulthood, all my wants and desires have been fulfilled. Whatever I needed, whatever I demanded for, I was always given because for a parent their children mean the world to them. Sacrificing their needs, my parents have always fulfilled my Read more »

New Year Day

Lets us all say goodbye
to bygone 2011
with its woes Read more »

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