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Seeking solace

Why did I fall
in the ditch of love so deep?
Herein, let me not stall Read more »

Talented Stars

The moon it gleams
With shining rays from above
To sparkle earth. Read more »

Bhutanese Folktales IV

In the fourth series, I have folktales from Dorji Penjore’s Was it a Yeti or a Deity? (Thimphu: Galing Printing and Publishing, 2004). This is his first book and he already has launched his second book of folktales (Dangphu Dingphu) in 2011. He is one of Bhutan’s pioneering Read more »

Corruption the societal malaise

I write this small piece of history not with the intention to emasculate people of higher grade and those in the higher position. Corruption practices has been the most unbridled one since the birth of democracy and the forms and manifestation of corruption are beyond explanation. Corruption is really an impediment to the growth of budding Read more »

The ‘V’ Day

‘V’ Day that is Valentine’s Day is considered a special day in everyone’s life who believe in love and relationships. It is the most awaited day of everyone’s life. As the month start, the streets are covered with gifts and cards for the valentine day and it indeed made everyone happy. Why so Read more »

Come back like the spring

In the rustles and crackles of autumn leaves,
With the chill of early morning breezes;
And in a hustle and bustle of our squabble; Read more »

Bhutanese Folktales III

And in order to keep the iron hot, we  have the summary of folktales from Gopilal Archarya’s Bhutanese Folktales: From the East and the South, (Thimphu: Pekhang Enterprise, 2004). Please enjoy and never ever Read more »

Bhutanese Folktales II

I think my earlier post on folktales did not receive much attention from the readers, but as promised and in continuation, the following is the summary of Folktales of Bhutan by Rita Thomas. Please enjoy Read more »

Ps: when you leave

When you leave
my friend
I wont cry Read more »

A letter to grandma…(final part)

Dear grandma, I’ve often heard our elders and neighbours talk about Drongmaed family being filthy rich few generations ago, with its popularity spread far and wide. Upon hearing this again and again, I only wonder where all those riches went. But it is all the more better for us, so as not to have any disputes over it, although hardships at times were unbearably painful. Read more »

Helpful Samten

“Thinley, you got any cash?”

“No, Karma might be having some,” they looked at Karma.

Karma shook his head and asked, “Why?” Read more »

Undue Service at the Gas depot

Photo by Penstar

I looked over the queue of colours, the queue that moved only an inch in a minute. Everyone hissed like an angry rattlesnake from the under-growth. Each of us stood like a defeated POWS with our heads held low as we counted our prayer beads or said our prayers. Of course most of my queue-colleagues  Read more »

Annotated Bhutanese folktales

Years ago, I was made to compile a list of Bhutanese folktales and annotate them all. I also had to also identify what values each stories carries. Unfortunately, I could not find all the books. As you can see, each story is summarized and after each story, I have listed values that I thought are encompassed in Read more »

Midnight phone calls – Part II

The next day, Deki got up early. She was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. The rays of morning sun hit directly on the face of Karjey that woke him up too. He straight away pulled his mobile phone from the corner and checked his call records. It did not show any records of last night’s mysterious calls. Read more »

The Painful Truths

Like the flutters of gentle breeze,
And like the rustling of autumn leaves,
My bewildered thoughts, it escaped my body Read more »

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