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Anyone IN for a talk?

“Gawd! I wonder how you can talk so much!” This line always irritated me. Why would God create mouth if it weren’t for talking? I know we use it for some other purpose also but the main intention of God creating this organ is to talk so that we can connect with his other creations. Read more »

Creative writing

“I dare to say all that I dare to do.”                                           – Michele de Montaigne

What does it mean to write? Why do people who write consider it as their passion? Why writing has to be good and creative? Well I didn’t know it either. Read more »

If Tomorrow

What if tomorrow I never get to see you,
Will you hold my hands today?
If I could never hear you,
Will you whisper the words into my ears?
Read more »

Syndrome of writing good

I don’t precisely remember why I started writing at the first place. Writing and reading books weren’t my passion; in fact I never participated in such events. I don’t remember when was the last time I read or wrote something. I have not considered myself an awful writer even if I have not read much books. That is because the highest mark I scored was Read more »

The conversation

“Finish!” I look in the rearview mirror, hoping to get the full sentence. “Finish,” he utters again. My uncle is exasperated. “What finish?” he retorts angrily to the cab driver who has been feeding him with one liners throughout the entire three hours  journey. Read more »

Of our Teachers

In the quest for education for a reliable future, we spend a considerable part of our lives with friends and teachers in schools and then in colleges. Most of us say, ‘Teachers are our second parents’, knowingly or unknowingly. But I must say the statement is true and I believe it as much as any person would do. They play very important roles in our lives by Read more »

Kuzuzangpo Sir

 Few questions that were asked to me in an interview held recently. They have asked me many questions but can’t remember all. I have left out the expressions and who asked what, or the situation that I went through on certain questions. Read more »

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