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Voices from the womb

“Sob…sob!” my Ama cried one day.
“You would never listen to me when I said not to drink,” she forcefully uttered in between her sobs.
“Yes you did Ama,” I would say. Read more »

Of eve teasing

I realized this site is gradually becoming lethargic. And this is something we don’t want it to be. Do we? So, to wake her up, I am posting an old article on eve teasing. Now if you are men, please stop raising your eyebrows and have fun reading of our follies. Of course many of you have might have read it. Initially published in Business Bhutan, this piece was republished in Yeewong, Read more »

I shall miss you

I’ll go away one day, you know.
And I want to take as reminiscence
A fragment of your kiss on my lips, Read more »


“Beep beep,” my mobile phone blinked. It said “One new message,” and I scrolled through to read that SMS message.

And when I finally opened it, it said;

Hi Keypa, I’ve com to meet u 🙂 Read more »

Cannonballs in the Lungs

It is not your overpowering looks
That you give us,
Nor the spearheaded words Read more »


The raindrops pelt lightly producing a rhythmic tune. “He kicked me here,” she points towards her lower ribs with her shaking fingers. I stare at her abdomen. I fight the urge to lift her T-shirt which boldly says I AM  HAPPY. Read more »

The Lone Tear

Glittering behind the window pane
a droplet of tear fall;
all wet in  the heat of the sun; Read more »

Cherished Moments

How fast the moments fleet by
How fragile the moments shared
How wonderful those moments gone Read more »

Am I Like Ata Khawjey?

Few months ago, I was a normal man. Nevertheless, today I am stuck in a rut. After boiling the midnight oil and doing lot of work day and night, finally I reached RIM. The moment I entered the RIM gate, I did not expect that I will be landed up in labyrinth maze and with the perception that I may not become the victim of someone’s beauty. Therefore, Read more »

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