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I am promiscuous!

I am promiscuous! And, frankly speaking I am not one bit embarrassed to flaunt my love affairs. I’ve had countless love affairs and will continue to have them. I’ve had one night stands, weekly, monthly and yearly affairs and even some quickies. My love affairs rejuvenate me. They make me whole Read more »

I glorify you all WAB writers!!!

I am touched to see that among our peers there are so many hidden budding writers waiting to metamorphose into respectable scribes in the near future who will explore Bhutanese nature into its unraveled kingdoms, venture into the fathomless chasm of Buddhist’s spiritual sanctity to revea Read more »

Today is my birthday

Today is my birthday. My mother already lit a butter lamp on the altar and prayed for me. I can see her lips shuddering as if like a criminal trembling amidst authoritative juries. But her strange shudder only proves that her prayers and wishes are genuine. I know that she wanted me Read more »

Fleeting Thoughts

Call it a journey or an adventure,
But, often confronted with bitterness is our life.
So transient as the flash of spring lightning, Read more »

From a Primary School Teacher to Parents

We understand that your child is the most beautiful and beloved budding flower in the garden of your family – the precious bud that you aspire to help blossom into a magnificent flower. We also see you as a dedicated gardener who constantly endeavours for the growth and development of your budding child – from growth to Read more »

My Phuentsholing MSS Days

From the parched Februaries to scorching summers,
In a noisy chatter or disdainful murmur,
Like the flock of jaded dweller we gather year-on-year Read more »

Kicking a ball in a Buddhist way

Today I had a football match. We call our team FC DemoCrazy. It is not that we are democratic, but we are crazy at this democratic junction. The kick off was at 5 pm. I had class with my American professor from 3 to 5 pm. So, there was no adequate time for coming back to hostel and changing dress. I got an idea. I wore my class football dress inside my gho, Read more »

The Brown File

Miles away from the cozy town I had made a place I called home, I became just a mere brown file.

I don’t know whether it was a blessing or curse but having travelled a day’s worth of journey to get the pain in my Read more »

What’s in a name?

I wanted to change my nick the moment he introduced me to a participant in one of the fund raising dinners. Many members were the bloggers. Read more »

We have the story behind us too

When I first thought of my manuscript going under the printing machine, I was terrifically panicked. Then I called upon my friends whom I could rely on. They are Ngawang Phuntsho and Kinzang Tshering. I fervently wished another person to be present – she is Aurora. Knowing very well she would not be available, I had to shoot a mail to her giving her the Read more »


Once there lived
a caterpillar
fragile pupa
She was sent to
learning temple
and their angels
taught her come out
of cocoon slowly
and cautiously
So many had hand
in making
this caterpillar
emerged out of cocoon
and became a
beautiful butterfly
now free and flying
those angels were
known as teachers.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

To my Golden Torch

Through the ages of darkness, you lit my way
And helped me dispel the delusions away.
You helped me discover my inner strength, Read more »

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