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The Colossal Awakening


The smoldered remnants!
A gruesome grin upon the knoll;
Another epitome to the cosmic Law,
that nothing ever lasts eternal, Read more »

Pedestrian Day: A step in the right direction

Most of us today will see petroleum and other conventional energy sources run dry within our lifetime. By the end of the next couple of decades, our current way of life will come to an abrupt end. Our children will see diesel automobiles only as exhibits. We will then have no option Read more »

Development and paradox

The essay below is on chapter 12 from the book titled, ‘Social Change.’

To present the synopsis of chapter twelve; it begins with introduction of development project, its evolution, and at the end of the chapter, negative impacts of development Read more »

Letter to Parents: A deep note of gratitude

Dear Parents,

The best expressions of man’s emotions are better written than articulated, considering the fact that the strongest of feelings and depth of meaning can be comprehended to better clarity richly measured in brevity Read more »

Blood is thicker than water

 I wrote this story when I was in class twelve. It begged me huge marks for my English paper I. I was supposed to write on the theme, “Blood is thicker than water.” Read more »

Why don’t I stab people?

Because Dzongkha Lopon was my inspiration and to become Dzongkha Lopon was my ambition. I feared his canes. He put the stick in between my fingers and clamped them until my half body bent sidewise and until my eyes were welled up with tears. Passed class IV, I knew Sumtak by heart and my handwriting took the shape to scribble on a paper to be Read more »

Long Distance Relationship

People say long distance relationship does not last long. However I say long distance relationship is the best;  provided there exists complete trust and faith to each other. Long distance relationship teaches us to be faithful, trustful, and loyal not only to others but to yourself as well. Of course clouds of Read more »

The bulldozer was the only witness

After a decade, I met my uncle, Karma. Before that, I had just heard about him through his son Yonten. Uncle Karma is in his late 50s. He is slim, tall, and handsome even in his 50s. Nobody would believe that he has a grandson. Before meeting uncle Karma, I could not draw his clear picture in my Read more »

Being a true Bhutanese

The 3rd of June 2012 is a significant day for the people of the UK. It is the start of a three day celebration honouring the 60 years reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It is her diamond jubilee.  London has been busy preparing for this occasion over the past year and there has been timely news Read more »

I am promiscuous! …Part 3 of 3

London proudly struts his assets in front of me. Unlike Nangkor who is subtle and less alluring, London shows off blatantly. No wonder weak suckers like me are attracted to him. He is the total epitome of perfection at this moment in time. He has it all and shows it all; the regal look of a king, the pompous air Read more »

Globalization, Bhutan and Pragmatism

Since Globalization Project began after the Second World War, the world started to change and embark into a new journey. Development began in many Third World countries with the assistance from donor countries. Many Third World countries were patronized by the US, providing numerous aids, Read more »

I am promiscuous! …Part 2

As I sit on a hillock beneath a gnarled old oak tree, I am completely awestruck by Nangkor’s handsomeness. The large expanses of maize fields are green with tall green robust stalks of corn waving gently in the wind. The paddy fields below them have tender green furry rice shoots dabbling their feet in the muddy water, Read more »

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