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Romance out there

He sniffs the cold air and approaches her. She is reluctant. She moves away. It takes enormous patience for the males in the world of dogs to find the mates. After waiting for some time and surveying the area of other competitors, he makes his move. There are no other dogs except few onlookers whom he does not care much. They are human beings. Read more »

Men and Foota!

After 5 p.m. I know where to find my Hubby; it’s been almost a month now that he has been sincerely following the routine, including weekends. The Departmental Football Tournament is going on at RIM ground and Motithang ground, a match each every evening and two during the weekends. (I think Read more »

Golden Time, Golden Love

A matrimonial bondage mark have I none, not a ring,
Of brass or bone, copper or carat of gold,
In my native convention never a need be! Read more »

I don’t know – what do you think?

These days wherever you go it is the donation box of Semchen Tshethar Tshogpa that follows. You go to a tshechu it is there. You go to a lhakhang it is there. You attend a wang (blessing ceremony) it is there already and the donation box is there at all religious or Buddhist events in the country. Everyone likes what the tshogpa is Read more »

Difference in Perception

On his recent visit to my place, my dad was shocked to find, or rather not find a phallus outside my house.  He insisted that I should display one, either outside the house or hanging from the door top.  He had an explanation for why my wife was always sick; that evil eyes are on us since we didn’t have a phallus to guard against them. Read more »

My Mothers’ Day Prayers

To the gaze that see the feeblest of agony within thy children,
I kiss the Earth where thy foot touch to stand in motherly love,
To the gaze that see the feeblest of agony within thy children,

Read more »

How it goes

Stretching your body to the fullest,
Sleepy eyes and no sleep,
Warm wind heating up your lungs, Read more »

For all your leisure pleasure

I can buy chilies with pride and I can also buy radishes, tomatoes, cabbages or turnips with complete ease. Recently I ran to a shop and asked if they have some underwear. The lady at the counter immediately showed me so many different brands and colored underwear. She showed no sign of embarrassment. But definitely Read more »

Three Friends

It was the third month of academic year. Students began to know each other more and made new friends. Days were moving smoothly but not so much for Tashi, Phuntsho and Bhim, so to say. They have become the closest of friends in the campus and were always seen glued together. Read more »

His New Pair of Slippers

Every time I pass by a shop selling baby slippers and shoes, I am reminded of this story. My nephew R was barely three years old when I bought him his first pair of crocs  – a tiny pair of red crocs for a little guy. He must have been so tired of wearing shoes the whole time that his excitement knew no bounds that evening. Read more »

Parenting – an all-in-one task

Being parents is not only about procreating.  It involves a lot of other things.  A parent is a mother, father, teacher, friend, nanny, nurse, judge, referee, mentor, critic and a host of other things.  All in one, not necessarily in that chronological order though.  A good half of our lives are spent on parenting our own Read more »

Did Meymey Heylay Heylay sell Dzongkha for a Song?

I’ve always been fascinated by a Bhutanese folktale about an old man called Meymey Heylay Heylay. It is indeed a simple yet wonderful story of Meymey’s carefree and happy life. One day while hard at work in his field he swings his spade onto something hard and digs out a huge turquoise. Meymey looks Read more »

Self-Discovered Guide to a Good Night Out!

One or two drinks can make you feel relaxed and confident. But if you drink too much, it could be a different story. You could end up slumped on the floor, fighting, vomiting, miserable or just plain boring. I bet almost all of the people drinking alcohol has experience those symptoms. Frankly, I slipped Read more »

My dreams

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked my teacher. I was 12 years old – at the threshold of becoming a teenager. With constant flow of snorts (the pace was even faster when nervous), I replied, “A lecturer.” Then, to me it was just a random pick. It sounded fancy. Thus began my dreams. Read more »

If only: Reflections on life and living

I am sitting under an old gulmohar tree (delonix regia), that resembles a large green umbrella, that is a part of the boundary fencing between where I live and my neighbour’s house.  The tiny leaves on the stems are neatly arranged like the plumage of a bird giving it a very gentle and peaceful look.  The mild breeze Read more »

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