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Destiny Unfathomable

“The most beautiful and considerate woman she is,” would remark everyone. Tall and blond with her exquisite eyes placed perfectly in place on her flawless face, wearing the intricately woven and immaculately sewn dress, would she look extraordinarily heart thrilling to every eye that caught a glimpse Read more »

Love that seals

Lover’s love is the one,
That seals the door
Of all other love in life. Read more »

It’s my Birthday

My birthday’s nearing. The day I was born, the day I first opened my little eyes, its approaching! It is a special day. The day is of a great significance for it was the day I was brought to this world, to see how life is and to face the challenges life put on me. As my birthday near, I wonder whether I should be delighted Read more »

Seldom Known Value

Would you be the water
To meet my evaporation and transpiration demand?
For your existence is my life, Read more »

Emergence of new Political Parties in Bhutan

I was going through the Bhutan Observer website and reading some news when I saw an online poll on the same site. It’s about the new political parties. We have been hearing quite a lot about them by now given the fact that Bhutan is going to go to polling stations for the second parliamentary elections next year. So, what are Read more »


Two pointing fingers,
A promise for all times.
A spell woven tight, Read more »

Bad Hair Days

Existence of barbers or professional hair cutters does not feature in any history of Bhutan.  I suppose it is safe to assume that such professions did not exist in Bhutan.  From the time I remember, people cut each other’s hair in the villages.  Mothers cut the hair of their children, though the first haircut of a child was always done by the maternal uncle or a big Read more »

A December Night

Under the soft yellowish street lamps lay the concrete sidewalk aligning the highway where cars sped and zoomed past endlessly. As I looked towards the mountains in the east, I could see the stars gleaming in the clear winter sky without a patch of cloud. Just as I turned back and continued to walk towards home, my cell phone rang. The caller’s name read as Read more »

Spices from the kitchen

It was Sonam’s first day at his work place. He had never worked as a cook although he loved cooking. He never thought that his love story would begin from a kitchen. Read more »

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