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Interlude of Happiness

When the sky is bejeweled with the stars and moon, Anjana would hum some melodic tunes, offering herself an interlude of happiness in her general music of sadness. Anjana recalls her beautiful childhood days, making some colorful flower garlands on Diwali – the festival of light. As the clear sky releases sparkling drops of rain, her irrepressible imagination Read more »

Taken for Granted – Making Security Our Responsibility

“The only time we ever think about breathing is when we have trouble doing it…” says Marty Klein, of Palo Alto, California.  There are some things we take for granted and never notice it till it is lost or endangered.  Security is one such thing, in the list of a Bhutanese.  It has been presented to us on a golden platter and we made it our right and never Read more »

The Best Birthday Celebration

Nima and Dawa were not twins as we, the Bhutanese, may think.  They were not even real brothers in the true sense of the word; they share a common mother, but from two different fathers, whom they never saw, let alone meet them.  They were half-brothers.  However, their love and affection for each other can beat any twin brothers’ any day.  They Read more »

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