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The People’s King: A Divine Birthday Song

Humility of heart in His folded palms before Gods
Upon the pedestal resplendent with celestial supremacy
And to country’s senescent folks or leaders beyond border Read more »

The Promise: Breaking Away

That night the dreams turned more meaningful. And many such dreams later, we were married. It didn’t take us more than a month to realize that we wanted to marry each other. Back then it seemed like fate was working extra hours to shove us nearer to our reunion but now I know the magical fairy tale moments lasts only for few pages. Read more »

Buddhahood with Highland High, Beer bliss and Courier Caress

When you are stressed from mental wrangling

in studies or fatigued from sternous work or walk,

when you feel lonely and want Read more »

The Promise

“Anytime you want to come back, I’ll be waiting here.” This was a lie. Come back I had, but he wasn’t there waiting for me. He had said this line to me several times and it took me years to hear the depth of this line, but when I actually heard its essence loud and clear, he wasn’t there anymore. The sweltering July sun added to the heat from the pyre as I stood Read more »

Dear Money

Dear Money,

I am sure you must be busy these days and not getting enough time to hang around the streets like Thimphu youngsters. You must be tired of going from hands to hands and finally dragged back to the banking world, and I heard that my friend Read more »

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