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Cauldron of suicidal emotions

Nostalgic reverie, noises in the head, nemesis in words,
Longing for home, languishing in confusion, lost at study,
Ailing heart, angered head, almost maddening, Read more »

Why women must be educated, empowered & encouraged?

“Educate an individual to develop a family, but educate women to develop a community”- Anonymous

Well, not long ago, the common notion was men for work and women to serve men, confined to the four corners of an apartment; there was hardly an instant when women broke that shell of confinement. Women were treated like servants Read more »

I am not sure I can take another chance

First cut is the deepest cut,
Is an adage, which I long heard.
Little did I know that an adage would hold true, Read more »

The Fleecy Snow

As the heavenly firmament could no longer
Take hold of its icy belongings,
The fleecy snow descended into incessant drops. Read more »

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