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He who…

May be he is a handsome or an ugly or an average guy to different people in their eyes. But he feels that he is the guy with what is called “soft heart”. He talks less, he says that’s the in-built dominant gene, but he thinks it broad and says “I talk less, but I say more”. Ha…Ha. He looks skinny, Read more »

They are back again!

Yes, they are back again. Some have gained weight. A lot. Some have lost theirs. A little. But they are back again. I can’t believe time runs this fast and before we know it, five years have already passed. How sincere are they this time? How honest are they this time around? How truthful are they this Read more »

12 Years in Yotongla Top

Stopping for a while at Yotongla pass can be both pleasure and refreshing for any tired travelers but a mere thought to be a resident there even for a month would be nostalgic for many of us.  Yotongla pass lies in between Bumthang and Trongsa at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level; the place remains foggy for most part of the year; with no Read more »

fRaCtuRed bRain

In the quest
of this relentless passion
one that’s glued to the bones of my mind Read more »

Hope a waking Dream

Once in a life time, everyone is bound to face some harsh realities of life. Some circumstances come as a challenge while some as an adversity. But Hope is what makes us carry on with life against such kind of circumstances and hardships. Read more »

Simply ‘Beauty’

Beauty is not
in the appearance
of men or women, Read more »

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