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Lonely Man

He sits by the side of the road
on the brown, old wooden bench.
I find him sitting there always alone. Read more »

Give us jobs – we will contribute to GNH

I am sad because I am still looking for a job and there are none here. The government of the day told us that the unemployment rate has come down to bare minimum. I do not understand. Why I do always have to be in this group – that bare minimum figure? It is sad when people like us who have no Read more »

He worries

Dorji has to avail a service from public office the next day. He worries whether his works will be done or not. He worries of what questions he may be asked by the public official. He worries if he has not missed the relevant documents. He worries if he has all the information in his finger tips. He sleeps worrying of the next day. Read more »

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