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Don’t go Far

Oh! My sweet heart;

It doesn’t take much time to break

The wall I have built for yore long. Read more »

Ode to my Parents

In my juvenile prayers I thank nightly my Lord
For the celestial beings have come to accord
To bless me godly parents brimming with love, Read more »

The taste of married life

No sooner did he join as one of the young officers than he started fighting against his own fate. His life before marriage was as comfortable as old shoe but now he has to bite off more than he can chew. Many of his peers would simply snigger at him, for his withered energy to fight against the despicable bride. Read more »

A Fine Evening

A mild warmth of evening sun spread.
Birds were flying back to their roost.
A slender line like a silver thread Read more »

Entry to a new world

How would one feel sitting on a wheel chair, a monitor in front and making yourself look busy?

It’s almost one month I joined my office and yet I don’t have a say about how I actually feel. I don’t know much about my job right now, but I feel I can adjust to it in some time to come. Everything (the work environment and the people around) seem so new to me. Read more »


O’ Lord…
I wish not to swim again into the yesteryear’s bellowing sea,
For upon tomorrow is hope I shall wait to rejoice, Read more »

The journey of life goes on…

At that night, I reached home safely despite incessant fall of rain throughout the day. When I reached home, I didn’t know that I was supposed to do it, and I was not meticulous at that time. What she said during the previous night and what she had done for me were all forgotten. It had been drizzling all that night, with the conservation still on the track. With her face looking as if she had worrisome, Read more »


Today morning
I woke up late.
With contemplation numerous Read more »

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