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Seeking Happiness within

Life puts us in countless situations; some are easy some are tough. Challenges come our way, when it does we usually doesn’t accept it so well, not until we are really serious about life. We live with an aim, the dream to see success and prosperity our entire life. Life is the fulfillment of one’s dreams and wishes; life is nothing but to live in a way Read more »

I am a fallen star

I am a fallen tree
A convenient casualty
Ignited by the heavens blue Read more »

By the Hearth

Thunder grumbling in the sky,
Thinking if it’s the dragons for real,
As narrated to him by the hearth. Read more »

Across the Sunkosh

July, 1991 – A group of about 8 friends had boarded the bus from Gelephu to Phuentsholing. In the group were five trainee teachers from the National Institute of Education, Samtse and the three- all friends of the trainees- were headed to the NIE for interview for admission. The trainees who were Read more »

An Expression

I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with this marriage thing. Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!!! I don’t want to marry, at least not now. Why does everyone see me as a marriage material when it’s just the beginning of my career? Read more »

What is in the Young?

What is in the young
Is not forces of diversion but unity,
In young is the dynamism and not enervation. Read more »

Some fate?

WAB, how I forgot this. This age is truly eating up my passion. It has given me platform to express whenever I wanted. Who knows I could have even be dead from suffocation. People would have said I died peacefully at night. Some would have presumed I had heart attack. Who knows the truth could have been I died from the cause of not expressing myself on this page. I must not take that chance Read more »

Old and Together

The more he speaks,
The less she hears.
The more he looks,
The less clear is she.
Read more »

My Divine Consort–For my wife

Om Swasti!
O’ my beloved!
When upon the Path I seek the inward wisdom Read more »

World gone Crazy

Have I lost my soul
trying to find the
drop of solace Read more »

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