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A Strange Curse

“Get out of my house! Get out! How many times have I said it before? Can’t you understand what I mean?” A devilish shriek reverberated through the sitting room. The kitchen door slammed with reverberating bang. Karsang felt the words stab like a dagger. His job as a teacher did not provide him Read more »

A Bongaigoan Beauty

I pulled the plastic chair worn out from its original blue gently like Jack Dawson offers for Rose in Titanic. My newfound acquaintance sat in somber silence; chin resting on her palms. Her silver bangles sparkled in an eternal light. A ruby studded gold ring on her left index proclaimed pride Read more »

The Seventh Sizzle

Seven sanguine pegs,
Coked to cool sizzle,
Syrupy, sweet, savoury Read more »

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