A Visit to Katmandu, Nepal- Part II

So it was my first time to travel by air I was much anxious and nervous that I did not even take breakfast. I kept thinking how I would feel inside the plane. My friends whom they travelled previously said many funny things, some jested that I would vomit inside the plane and would feel to go toilet time and again. Exactly at 6.45 a.m. I took a taxi on reservation basis just to reach myself at the airport from the entrance gate of Druk Air and paid Nu.100. My friends from other Dzongkhags had already arrived and few of them were also new like me. This bolster my confidence that I might not be the one to travel with fear and panic inside the plane.

Inside the airport people were busy moving here and there. Immediately I asked one of the constables to help me and his accent of speaking shows that he is Sharchop. Then, he took my luggage and put inside the machine to see any kind restricted goods are there or not. He brought back, and took me to another counter. In that counter in row, I could see a girl dressed best bib and tucker. She checked my air ticket and official passport, and gave me the ‘Boarding Pass’. Alas, my seat inside the plane was in’8c’. With worries still lingering on the constable took me to another counter to fill up the immigrant form. As instructed in the form I filled up and went to airport terminal where it was thronged by chilips-foreigners. The constable went back. I waited inside the terminal and at around 7.30.a.m all my colleagues arrived.

The time is 8.a.m in the morning dated February 27, 2014, and we were supposed to move it. Unluckily, plane got delayed by another forty five minutes. Exactly at 8.45 a.m. the plane started its engine. In a few minutes later we were in the air, seeing empty sky and perilous clouds. When I looked down I could see buildings, houses and mélange of trees like a period. Travelling inside the plane didn’t make me vomit; it felt me staying in same direction. I was not able to judge whether the air was really moving or not. High up in the empty and vast sky, I could see nothing.

Before approaching the landing, the pilot happily announces to passengers to look at the right side for a view of Mt. Everest. It was surprisingly amazing to see mountains fully white, not even a single black stone was there. We were above mists and range of mountains, even higher than that Mountain Everest.

After twenty minutes later we could see the vistas of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain that measures to 8848m above sea level. The captain inside the plane explained in brief about the mountain. The mountain was full of snow and no single area of mud or piece of stone could be seen there. Everything was bowed down by snow. I felt that inside that mountain there will be a Yeti, abominable man, a big creature like a human in hair that is believed by some people to live in the Himalayan Mountains. In a second, a flock of air hostess distributed us the refreshment.

Fifteen minutes passed and we were still in the air but I could see houses and buildings of Nepal in dotted form. The Captain inside the plane announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, in a minute later we will land in Katmandu international airport. Please don’t forget to tight your seat belt and usage of phone while landing the plane is not allowed.”

As said, the Plane landed on Katmandu International Airport at around 9.30.p.m. it took exactly 45 minutes. After reaching in airport we filled up their immigrant form and went outside the terminal. Suddenly I saw something unusual written in a board that says, “Things take time in Nepal… So relax and chill out.”

After a few minutes, we arrived inside the tourist infested district of Patan. Greeting us on our arrival apart from the owner of the hotel that is eager to sit us down and offers us information is a small private guesthouse nestled opposite to Patan Hospital. Unluckily, there was no electricity on a first day, even though Nepal is rich in water resources.

For the first time in my life I visited Nepal. When I reached Patan-inside Katmandu, I felt like reaching busy street-Jaigon where the dingy environment is the first things to be noticed.

We spent our night in private guest house located at Tapan town, which is home to many religions. We were already briefed and taught us few important things about Nepal, even though no map of a Patan town was issued. The next day, i.e. February 28, 2014, we were inside the classroom of NITI. It was like a class that once we used to attend during our schooling time. The Lecturer was young and fresh, and he taught us about Government Accounting in general concept. It was appreciable for us to resonate back and see how government makes money. But, one thing was absolutely absent. His teachings on government accounting were truly a basic one, lacking broad concept. I was expected to hear how government of Nepal makes money and economic issues, so that we could see the possibilities to implement back to our country. He also shared how corrupt his country is and why Nepal has many problems left unaddressed.

Next day, we were taught some important concept about usage of Microsoft excel and internal audit. With the same tone from speaker the lectures was quite boring but it was truly useful. Thanked God, I got new ideas from Him about Microsoft Excel.

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