Initially Writers Association of Bhutan (WAB) started as a dream of one man who felt the need of a national organization to serve the interests of Bhutanese writers. Back then, it was only a group on Facebook. With the support of friends, a blog was created and now we have a website www.writersofbhutan.com or www.writersofbhutan.org.  At the moment we serve as a platform where aspiring Bhutanese writers can share their work, but we plan to make WAB a registered association in the long run. WAB will be a non-profit organization which will promote aspiring and budding Bhutanese writers to showcase their writing talents. At the moment however, we are handicapped without a reliable budget to publish works on our own. Help and support from organizations and agencies will be greatly appreciated. Therefore, this is a chance to invest in the nation’s growing literary talents. Let’s together create a literarily vibrant Bhutan.

Please call 17641582/17605030/17416146 for further information or email us at wabadmin@writersofbhutan.com

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