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II – Flying Away

We had met four years ago on a rainy day. Maybe that was an omen. Even the gods cried at our encounter knowing what was in store for us. No, there was no singing and dancing in the rain nor was there romantic music in the air, just the howling of the wind and the rain dancing on my car. Read more »

I-Walking Away

‘Why are you doing this?’ Penjor asked me. He stood at the door like he had done since I moved into the guest room the previous week. I continued packing in silence. I had told him I cheated on him the previous week. I gave him a sideway glance and his eyes were on the walls. There were reminders on the walls, Read more »

Understated lives -III

[In continuation of  Understated lives – I, Understated lives -II]

One day after school, my siblings and I had gone out to play after listening to mother’s complains of how we never took care of our school uniform and books. We had wanted to get away from her as fast as possible. Just as we reached the rear of the slum we realised we didn’t have our wire toys. You see, my siblings and I had an understanding to pick things from home turn Read more »

Understated lives -II

[In continuation of  Understated lives – I.]

Are you bored? If you are, I can’t help you. I already warned you. Now, where was I? See that’s the worst thing about a continuation. I hate it when I have to pick up from where I left. It messes the story and I have to rake my small brain. Read more »

Understated lives – I

I was and am an innocent man. Would you believe me if I said I haven’t hurt an ant in my life? I don’t care what you believe. I will still tell you my story. Want to know why I don’t care? It doesn’t matter what you think of my story. It isn’t a story about a super hero or some stupid larger-than-life romance. If you are a fan of the two types of stories I mentioned Read more »

He and I

The moon shone over my head last night.
I first saw him during my usual rounds. Till then I had thought no man could ever have a place in my heart. I have seen many men but this particular man caught my fancy. The feelings that crept into my heart at the sight of him scared me. Read more »

I am here

For the last few months, I have been juggling my time between a huge editing work, one small editing work, travelling to remote leech-infested areas and social life. Read more »

My Big World

When everyone blames the frog for thinking the pond as the only world, we forget to reason out that maybe it is his big world given his nature, size and the reason of his existence. Do we think of what would happen to the frog in his quest to see the big sea? What if there was a huge desert sprawling in Read more »

Bhutan Artography

A woman, an aspiring writer ( and an admirer of photography, dreamt a dream of bringing together young Bhutanese artists and photographers. Seeing that there was no Bhutanese site which promoted art and photography together, this site was created to serve as a platform for aspiring Bhutanese artists and photographers. Read more »

The last hug

Pitter-patter pitter-patter
prompts a story
of a little girl Read more »

Shall we commit suicide?

I remember a moment from long ago. My habit of writing diary often kept me awake. Those days I didn’t have a laptop (it was better, I knew my spellings well) and I would scribble my feelings every other night. So one night, I stayed late writing my feelings for the new place I moved to, the feelings of being away from my loved ones. Read more »

Life and when I must die

Sometimes I sit and wonder about this life –my life, your life and our lives together. Many nights I am unable to sleep because I think too much . Read more »

Of gold and children

Thank you PaSsu

Once in a village in the far East lived two brothers. They lived in a traditional one roomed house.   Read more »

So she Smiled

She heard a voice call her from far away. She looked around but could see no one. She was mesmerized by the sight around her –the lush green fields still moist from the morning dew; the morning sun filtering through the leaves Read more »

Monday Writing Thread ‘II’

It’s here again! Last week’s writing thread story turned out unexpected; it was a success nonetheless. We are into the second week of the ‘writing thread’. It’s the head of a story and all you need to do is add on maximum two paragraphs to the story. Read more »

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