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To You my love

You have come to my life
like a messiah bringing
the message of love and hope. Read more »

World gone Crazy

Have I lost my soul
trying to find the
drop of solace Read more »

Breaking Dawn

Slowly and steadily
the pitiless darkness
fills the dreams,everlasting Read more »


Once there lived
a caterpillar
fragile pupa
She was sent to
learning temple
and their angels
taught her come out
of cocoon slowly
and cautiously
So many had hand
in making
this caterpillar
emerged out of cocoon
and became a
beautiful butterfly
now free and flying
those angels were
known as teachers.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Cherished Moments

How fast the moments fleet by
How fragile the moments shared
How wonderful those moments gone Read more »

New Year Day

Lets us all say goodbye
to bygone 2011
with its woes Read more »

Quest for unknown

There is something that
I am not able to find
there is yearning and Read more »


Life is hard
problems are more
Time passes by Read more »


There is something that
I am not able to find
there is yearning and Read more »

Dying Son

Here I lie in the pool of blood
In the distant land among the stranger

I see people staring at me and Read more »

What is love?

What is love?
love is so strange
Love is not made Read more »


Dream shattered the hope dashed
By the waves of broken promise
I stand on the brink of life perched Read more »

The Reason

The rift had been created between us
And it has widened more than before
The bridge I try to build is broken Read more »

Quandary of a recurring dream

There was a heavy rainfall and all around her looked dark and frightening. She was drenched in the rain and she was near the river bank. She saw the boys from class twelve standards in the river and they were trying to cross the river on the thin plank. She was beckoning towards the boys, and telling them to be careful and come quickly.

Read more »

The Mask

We hide behind you
We find comfort and
Solace wearing you Read more »

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