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Wishing on a star

I am so fantasized by the believe people have on shooting stars. Ever since I’ve heard about dreams coming true upon seeing a shooting star, I’ve always been searching for one to make my wish. Seeing how I’ve put on a blind faith in such stuffs makes me look stupid Read more »

Seeking Happiness within

Life puts us in countless situations; some are easy some are tough. Challenges come our way, when it does we usually doesn’t accept it so well, not until we are really serious about life. We live with an aim, the dream to see success and prosperity our entire life. Life is the fulfillment of one’s dreams and wishes; life is nothing but to live in a way Read more »

An Expression

I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with this marriage thing. Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!!! I don’t want to marry, at least not now. Why does everyone see me as a marriage material when it’s just the beginning of my career? Read more »

Entry to a new world

How would one feel sitting on a wheel chair, a monitor in front and making yourself look busy?

It’s almost one month I joined my office and yet I don’t have a say about how I actually feel. I don’t know much about my job right now, but I feel I can adjust to it in some time to come. Everything (the work environment and the people around) seem so new to me. Read more »

The Fate

I wonder what life has for us. What fate awaits us nobody knows? Often loneliness is the best teacher. Those are the times when so many things strike our mind and we realize so much of things. How do I see myself after 5 or 10 years? I’ve never thought of it. I don’t suppose my life’s going to be the same as it is today. I definitely don’t see myself as the same Read more »

It’s my Birthday

My birthday’s nearing. The day I was born, the day I first opened my little eyes, its approaching! It is a special day. The day is of a great significance for it was the day I was brought to this world, to see how life is and to face the challenges life put on me. As my birthday near, I wonder whether I should be delighted Read more »

A creepy Tale

“Corporate Governance is the process of supervision and control,” Mr. Fred our tutor in corporate governance would begin the very first hour of the class. In his American accent, whatever he spoke or taught was like Latin and Greek to me because nothing could get inside my head, other than Read more »

Self realization

There have been times when I found myself very lonely that no one could better understand the feeling of being in solitude than me. Those were the moments that forced me into busying myself in activities that weren’t prolific, in a sense that, I would always spend my time face booking, Read more »

Creative writing

“I dare to say all that I dare to do.”                                           – Michele de Montaigne

What does it mean to write? Why do people who write consider it as their passion? Why writing has to be good and creative? Well I didn’t know it either. Read more »

Syndrome of writing good

I don’t precisely remember why I started writing at the first place. Writing and reading books weren’t my passion; in fact I never participated in such events. I don’t remember when was the last time I read or wrote something. I have not considered myself an awful writer even if I have not read much books. That is because the highest mark I scored was Read more »

The ‘V’ Day

‘V’ Day that is Valentine’s Day is considered a special day in everyone’s life who believe in love and relationships. It is the most awaited day of everyone’s life. As the month start, the streets are covered with gifts and cards for the valentine day and it indeed made everyone happy. Why so Read more »

How big do you dream?

Just after joining school, the very thing children talk about is “ambition”. Dreaming of becoming something has always been a common practice among the young ones. Ask every child what he/she wants to become and we would have the ready answer. Some aspire to become  doctors Read more »

My opinion on marriage

What’s your opinion about marriage? It’s the universal fact that every being doesn’t always remain single. Marriage is considered an important part in every one’s life, a special moment for all who value love and believe in relationships. Marriage is said to bind two people together, it is said to bind the two hearts together. Read more »

To my parents

Like every kid, I wish to fulfill my parents dream. Like a good daughter I want to fulfill every desire of my parents.

From childhood till my adulthood, all my wants and desires have been fulfilled. Whatever I needed, whatever I demanded for, I was always given because for a parent their children mean the world to them. Sacrificing their needs, my parents have always fulfilled my Read more »

Yes! I am happy

If asked whether I was ever happy, I would say yes I am. I am happy with my life and why wouldn’t I? With parents so loving and caring and with friends as the best companion, I am very happy with my life. I have the most hard working and loving mother, who look after everyone in the house, who faces a lot of hurdles and who in fact is the chairperson Read more »

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