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Our Obscure ‘Happiness’

When the serene sunrise and solemn quietness greet
The morning to another day of season-less freshness,
Bathed with the blessings of the Dragon Kings, Read more »

A Strange Curse

“Get out of my house! Get out! How many times have I said it before? Can’t you understand what I mean?” A devilish shriek reverberated through the sitting room. The kitchen door slammed with reverberating bang. Karsang felt the words stab like a dagger. His job as a teacher did not provide him Read more »

A Bongaigoan Beauty

I pulled the plastic chair worn out from its original blue gently like Jack Dawson offers for Rose in Titanic. My newfound acquaintance sat in somber silence; chin resting on her palms. Her silver bangles sparkled in an eternal light. A ruby studded gold ring on her left index proclaimed pride Read more »

The Seventh Sizzle

Seven sanguine pegs,
Coked to cool sizzle,
Syrupy, sweet, savoury Read more »

Simple Reason for Love

In my nearly two decades of life I have lived like a desert parched and waiting for a hard summer rain. If only that rain was love that I sought and got more of what was sought. That is my simple reason for love. Am still a half filled pitcher.!! Read more »

Prisoner of my Heart

How cruel of me to keep the rusted keys to the cellar?
And not let you free from eight years of imprisonment
This karmic marriage gave you for wanting love, Read more »

My Mermaid Love

I kneel upon the cold concrete, perhaps never before;
Like a mount upon my heart in penitence, much adversity
My absence has worn your days, I know too well; Read more »

Transitory Friendship

For we crossed our friendship route this autumn,
I salute our karmic past come to blossom,
Your sweetness echoes even before I see Read more »

Love that melted even the coldest heart

This is the true incident that occurred to my brother who is pursuing studies in India. He was on his usual holiday at home in Khaling, Trashigang having travelled over 1600 kilometers from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He had few days left to return back to college Read more »

Love Lasts Not Forever

Afternoon do not promise evening shall follow,
Kiss me lightly on my parched lips one last time, Read more »

This is what my love is….

I do not have a house of my own to call it home,
Nor a rich man’s wealth any better than a beggar,
But I am always sure deep within my conscience, Read more »

My Divine Consort–For my wife

Om Swasti!
O’ my beloved!
When upon the Path I seek the inward wisdom Read more »

Ode to my Parents

In my juvenile prayers I thank nightly my Lord
For the celestial beings have come to accord
To bless me godly parents brimming with love, Read more »


O’ Lord…
I wish not to swim again into the yesteryear’s bellowing sea,
For upon tomorrow is hope I shall wait to rejoice, Read more »

Simply ‘Beauty’

Beauty is not
in the appearance
of men or women, Read more »

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