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A Visit to Katmandu, Nepal- Part II

So it was my first time to travel by air I was much anxious and nervous that I did not even take breakfast. I kept thinking how I would feel inside the plane. My friends whom they travelled previously said many funny things, some jested that I would vomit inside the plane and would feel to go toilet time Read more »

A Visit to Katmandu, Nepal – Part I

After travelling through the hills of snow-capped mountains and precipitous path, forest of straight chirpiness, entwined unknown trees, and blanket of snowstorm at Thrumsengla, Pelala, and Yontongla, I reached Capital City on February 16,2014. It took exactly eighteen hours to reach Read more »

The Cursed Golden Frying Pan

What is a Vitamin P? Vitamin P is not a scientific-proven one; it had been in existence for centuries in our lives. People called it Vitamin P for humorous only. No one ever seen it, some heard and saw the impact after infected with the intangible Vitamin P. Albeit, grandfathers used to share how Vitamin P had consumed the life of many people, but today when everything is done scientifically after Read more »

The taste of married life

No sooner did he join as one of the young officers than he started fighting against his own fate. His life before marriage was as comfortable as old shoe but now he has to bite off more than he can chew. Many of his peers would simply snigger at him, for his withered energy to fight against the despicable bride. Read more »

The journey of life goes on…

At that night, I reached home safely despite incessant fall of rain throughout the day. When I reached home, I didn’t know that I was supposed to do it, and I was not meticulous at that time. What she said during the previous night and what she had done for me were all forgotten. It had been drizzling all that night, with the conservation still on the track. With her face looking as if she had worrisome, Read more »

Preliminary Examination: Jumping back to same ocean?

As the year passes by, the number of university graduates entering the job market, whether he or she is an erudite or not keep on increasing in our country. This is indeed a positive significance that our government and parents are trying hard to give the best education to their child. For this reason, our job markets are Read more »

Dear Money

Dear Money,

I am sure you must be busy these days and not getting enough time to hang around the streets like Thimphu youngsters. You must be tired of going from hands to hands and finally dragged back to the banking world, and I heard that my friend Read more »

Can I Sing for You?

In the middle of night when I was lonely in my room and when everything was silent under shadow of dim light, my phone started ringing. With tensed and nightmare still lingering; I squinted in my watch. It was 1 a.m. Highly dazed, I picked the phone. “Hello?” “I am looking for you,” woman’s voice Read more »

Be star at your own risk!

Nearly two years ago, BBS reported about the circulation of Bhutanese homemade adult movies and people everywhere made a huge hue and cry – this is evolution of of newly unabashed culture in Bhutan and the tendencies in our people- particularly, the youth to attempt. This is how our social values, vitality and respect are threatened and how we lose our GNH Read more »

Should PM be GNH Ambassador for Life?

“The Constitution of Kingdom of Bhutan Article 7, section 2. Fundamental rights, states that, “A Bhutanese citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech, opinion and expression.” Based on the valid state law of the kingdom of Bhutan, I would like to state about recent debate and argument of making PM as the GNH Read more »

Rupee Crunch-Causes and Recommendations

I hereby clearly state that throughout the tiny Himalaya Kingdom of Bhutan, major chunks of Bhutanese have always a little exposure and little known to the rest of the world. Their livelihood had been rooted and depended on agriculture sector since the time of descendents no matter Read more »

Am I Like Ata Khawjey?

Few months ago, I was a normal man. Nevertheless, today I am stuck in a rut. After boiling the midnight oil and doing lot of work day and night, finally I reached RIM. The moment I entered the RIM gate, I did not expect that I will be landed up in labyrinth maze and with the perception that I may not become the victim of someone’s beauty. Therefore, Read more »

Corruption the societal malaise

I write this small piece of history not with the intention to emasculate people of higher grade and those in the higher position. Corruption practices has been the most unbridled one since the birth of democracy and the forms and manifestation of corruption are beyond explanation. Corruption is really an impediment to the growth of budding Read more »

Wish you all a Happy New Year, 2012

How strongly and unwittingly I moved through the days of my life in 2011. I appeared Bhutan Civil Service Exam and stood 6th in overall by scoring 67.83%, and ranked second in Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Read more »

Dzongkha: The Failing Conundrum

Many will accept that our national language is deteriorating by the major influence of English and even the Dzonglish too. Our policy makers and bureaucrats are always attempting to pull back the edge of Dzongkha and augment it further for the sake of protection. I have every confidence that if we the Bhutanese do not let the roots of Dzongkha to spread Read more »

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