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So what

So what
So what if I have loved you
I am rich so does everyone wish to be Read more »

Construction Vs. Conservation

We have seen pristine environment and lusty forest for ages and when constructions pierced in, the challenges to balance construction with conservation is faced by every single individual of the Nation obviously. No wonder we now would not get to inhale unpolluted air, Read more »

Of marriage and old age

I dont know how many of us marry thinking of an old age benefit. What I have heard for so long from the people around is that they have married believing they will be looked after when their bodies retard. But I don’t know how true is this. I am neither an unmarried person nor a desperate Read more »

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful and so we are. People say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and what if that beholder is blind. Is it that he will not have the beauty of definition or darkness is his beauty. Beautiful souls will not necessarily have beautiful face and vice- versa. One cannot generalize that beautiful Read more »

Poverty: what can we do about it?

I grew up in a family where I was not deprived of any basic needs and I didn’t know what exactly poverty mean. I had access to everything I wanted somehow and at times I used to get it quite later which frustrated me alot. Today when I see and look at some corner of the world I see so many heads going empty Read more »

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