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Taken for Granted – Making Security Our Responsibility

“The only time we ever think about breathing is when we have trouble doing it…” says Marty Klein, of Palo Alto, California.  There are some things we take for granted and never notice it till it is lost or endangered.  Security is one such thing, in the list of a Bhutanese.  It has been presented to us on a golden platter and we made it our right and never Read more »

The Best Birthday Celebration

Nima and Dawa were not twins as we, the Bhutanese, may think.  They were not even real brothers in the true sense of the word; they share a common mother, but from two different fathers, whom they never saw, let alone meet them.  They were half-brothers.  However, their love and affection for each other can beat any twin brothers’ any day.  They Read more »

Son of Golapo

“My parents got divorced when I was a kid.  And you know, the best thing is that both of them love me so much.  I have two sets of parents now.  I am so lucky.” Read more »

Bad Hair Days

Existence of barbers or professional hair cutters does not feature in any history of Bhutan.  I suppose it is safe to assume that such professions did not exist in Bhutan.  From the time I remember, people cut each other’s hair in the villages.  Mothers cut the hair of their children, though the first haircut of a child was always done by the maternal uncle or a big Read more »

Difference in Perception

On his recent visit to my place, my dad was shocked to find, or rather not find a phallus outside my house.  He insisted that I should display one, either outside the house or hanging from the door top.  He had an explanation for why my wife was always sick; that evil eyes are on us since we didn’t have a phallus to guard against them. Read more »

Parenting – an all-in-one task

Being parents is not only about procreating.  It involves a lot of other things.  A parent is a mother, father, teacher, friend, nanny, nurse, judge, referee, mentor, critic and a host of other things.  All in one, not necessarily in that chronological order though.  A good half of our lives are spent on parenting our own Read more »

If only: Reflections on life and living

I am sitting under an old gulmohar tree (delonix regia), that resembles a large green umbrella, that is a part of the boundary fencing between where I live and my neighbour’s house.  The tiny leaves on the stems are neatly arranged like the plumage of a bird giving it a very gentle and peaceful look.  The mild breeze Read more »

Going Under the Knife

Except for a greenish gown that has seen better days, which the hospital provided, she wore nothing underneath. As she was wheeled into the Operation Theatre (OT) on a gurney, she looked so vulnerable. I have never seen this side of her personality. She looked tiny, naked and vulnerable. For the first time in our twelve years of married life, I realised how Read more »

Impractical Fool

As I barely sat down to write something that has been bothering me lately, the door bell rang and simultaneously the door opened, revealing a massive head, with a crew cut hair.  The face beneath it looked weather beaten and riddled with potholes.  The nose looked like a genetically altered Read more »

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