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A Strange Curse

“Get out of my house! Get out! How many times have I said it before? Can’t you understand what I mean?” A devilish shriek reverberated through the sitting room. The kitchen door slammed with reverberating bang. Karsang felt the words stab like a dagger. His job as a teacher did not provide him Read more »

Some fate?

WAB, how I forgot this. This age is truly eating up my passion. It has given me platform to express whenever I wanted. Who knows I could have even be dead from suffocation. People would have said I died peacefully at night. Some would have presumed I had heart attack. Who knows the truth could have been I died from the cause of not expressing myself on this page. I must not take that chance Read more »

The Promise: Breaking Away

That night the dreams turned more meaningful. And many such dreams later, we were married. It didn’t take us more than a month to realize that we wanted to marry each other. Back then it seemed like fate was working extra hours to shove us nearer to our reunion but now I know the magical fairy tale moments lasts only for few pages. Read more »

The Promise

“Anytime you want to come back, I’ll be waiting here.” This was a lie. Come back I had, but he wasn’t there waiting for me. He had said this line to me several times and it took me years to hear the depth of this line, but when I actually heard its essence loud and clear, he wasn’t there anymore. The sweltering July sun added to the heat from the pyre as I stood Read more »

Interlude of Happiness

When the sky is bejeweled with the stars and moon, Anjana would hum some melodic tunes, offering herself an interlude of happiness in her general music of sadness. Anjana recalls her beautiful childhood days, making some colorful flower garlands on Diwali – the festival of light. As the clear sky releases sparkling drops of rain, her irrepressible imagination Read more »

Letter to Parents: A deep note of gratitude

Dear Parents,

The best expressions of man’s emotions are better written than articulated, considering the fact that the strongest of feelings and depth of meaning can be comprehended to better clarity richly measured in brevity Read more »

I am promiscuous! …Part 3 of 3

London proudly struts his assets in front of me. Unlike Nangkor who is subtle and less alluring, London shows off blatantly. No wonder weak suckers like me are attracted to him. He is the total epitome of perfection at this moment in time. He has it all and shows it all; the regal look of a king, the pompous air Read more »

I am promiscuous! …Part 2

As I sit on a hillock beneath a gnarled old oak tree, I am completely awestruck by Nangkor’s handsomeness. The large expanses of maize fields are green with tall green robust stalks of corn waving gently in the wind. The paddy fields below them have tender green furry rice shoots dabbling their feet in the muddy water, Read more »

I am promiscuous!

I am promiscuous! And, frankly speaking I am not one bit embarrassed to flaunt my love affairs. I’ve had countless love affairs and will continue to have them. I’ve had one night stands, weekly, monthly and yearly affairs and even some quickies. My love affairs rejuvenate me. They make me whole Read more »

From a Primary School Teacher to Parents

We understand that your child is the most beautiful and beloved budding flower in the garden of your family – the precious bud that you aspire to help blossom into a magnificent flower. We also see you as a dedicated gardener who constantly endeavours for the growth and development of your budding child – from growth to Read more »

How I lost my virginity…continuation

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I suddenly felt a warm and soft touch on my cheek. It slowly moved down, held my palm and gave a quick jerk. It was her hand. I pushed it away thinking that she must be having a bad dream. She stretched her hand again over my face, held my nose and pulled towards her.

How I lost my virginity

One Friday evening, I was on my way home after attending to my students’ queries on reproductive systems in the class. A chapter on reproductive system always kept me awake when I was myself a student. Today’s students’ are no different; I had lots of questions from my students, which had me extended hours of teaching that evening. Read more »

I better drive safely

Late night, a friend picked me up from the town to reach home. The merrier mood changed abruptly upon seeing an oncoming car. He flicked the headlight lever to high-beam signaling other car to put to dim. The other car responded very late and zoomed past us. My friend raised his right hand and swung hard on his thigh. I did not ask what he meant Read more »

Sexy earthquake

Everyone felt the shake of earth and then people shared the experiences to each other. It became the talking point everywhere and in every medium of communication. Some blogged, some called and some talked in persons. ‘What were you doing that time?’ was what many asked. The same question was asked to me too. ‘I had become a horse’ was what I Read more »

The god who couldn’t cry (part 4)

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