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Unfolding of the Momentous Moment

Happy Royal Wedding and Long live Your Majesties! (Photo: Office of the Royal Media)

The year was 2008. The whole nation wore joyous looks as we celebrated three milestone events in our nation’s history – centenary celebration, coronation of our beloved king and our successful transition to the parliamentary democracy. And being unable to physically be there at the celebration we could only lament our missed opportunity at Read more »

Royal Wedding: Historically Significant and Currently Joyous to Celebrate

Today, Bhutan is traveling through a period of great change; the period that bestows jubilation to every citizen, and a moment of historic event that we the people can come together and celebrate. It symbolizes the symbol of unity; group together the sense of belongingness; augment the pride for nation as a Buddhist Country ruled by a Buddhist King; Read more »

Joining the Nation in the Celebration

Happy Royal Wedding (Photo Credit: Office of the Royal Media)

Writers Association of Bhutan would like to take this moment to wish our beloved His Majesty and the Royal Bride Ashi Jestun Pema a very Happy Royal Wedding. May this holy union bring in good health and undying love to the Royal couple. May there be peace and prosperity in the Land of the Thunder Dragon and may our philosophy of Gross National Happiness flourish forever and more.

On this joyous occasion, we can’t help reproducing Daffodils by the great bard William Wordsworth and join the nation in the celebration. Read more »

A Tribute to Royal Couple

With love and gratitude

For the last few days I have been busy on my canvass trying to do justice. When my fellow country mates are doing their part to be part of the historic Royal Wedding on October 13, 2011, I could not help trying to paint a royal portrait of His Majesty the King and his charming Royal Bride Ashi Jetsun Pema.

This is a small token of love and respect from my side to the Royal couple on their happy and historic wedding. My Dear Majesties, please kindly accept this humble gift from a humble subject and kindly pardon me for any deficiencies that your royal portrait might suffer.

Just as pictures speak more than words let this portrait speak more than what I can express to Your Majesties. And through this portrait art I join with all the people of Bhutan in wishing Your Majesties sound health, bountiful happiness and long life.

Trashi Delek!

Ugyen Wangdi

Bank of Bhutan Ltd



Bhutan: Through the Lens of the King

His Majesty the King publishes his first book, Bhutan: Through the Lens of the King. It’s an opportunity for us to see our country through the divine eyes of the king who loves meeting his people and spending time.

Snapshot of HM's book

Cover Page of the Book

I have not yet known where the book is available and at what cost it is being sold therefore any information on this wonder book is welcome. Please share what you know about it in the comment section.

Maang – the annual thanksgiving rite of the Rais

Among the Mongolians of Bhutan, Nepal and India, the Rai tribe is a distinct group who live in the foothills of the Himalayas. Besides other distinctive features, the Rais follow a religion that has some of the features of bonism, among which are the worship of the spirits of the ancestors who are considered as the protecting deities of the family. Read more »

Of Phallus: an arcane symbol

When Tshongpa Sonam of Rangkhar bought his first truck, he stuck pictures of elaborately drawn phalluses on the number plates.

Farmer Dorji Gyeltshen quickly carved a small wooden phallus when he noticed that his Ba-min had given birth to a calf. Read more »

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