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Construction Vs. Conservation

We have seen pristine environment and lusty forest for ages and when constructions pierced in, the challenges to balance construction with conservation is faced by every single individual of the Nation obviously. No wonder we now would not get to inhale unpolluted air, Read more »

An Expression

I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with this marriage thing. Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!!! I don’t want to marry, at least not now. Why does everyone see me as a marriage material when it’s just the beginning of my career? Read more »

Preliminary Examination: Jumping back to same ocean?

As the year passes by, the number of university graduates entering the job market, whether he or she is an erudite or not keep on increasing in our country. This is indeed a positive significance that our government and parents are trying hard to give the best education to their child. For this reason, our job markets are Read more »

Hope a waking Dream

Once in a life time, everyone is bound to face some harsh realities of life. Some circumstances come as a challenge while some as an adversity. But Hope is what makes us carry on with life against such kind of circumstances and hardships. Read more »

Why women must be educated, empowered & encouraged?

“Educate an individual to develop a family, but educate women to develop a community”- Anonymous

Well, not long ago, the common notion was men for work and women to serve men, confined to the four corners of an apartment; there was hardly an instant when women broke that shell of confinement. Women were treated like servants Read more »

Your Purpose

Every individual is born with a purpose. But how many of us really try to question the fact? (I guess only a handful of people) If you had questioned this to yourself, then I don’t see any reason for any one of you to squander your life. As for those individuals who dissipate their precious life, failure to realize Read more »

Did Meymey Heylay Heylay sell Dzongkha for a Song?

I’ve always been fascinated by a Bhutanese folktale about an old man called Meymey Heylay Heylay. It is indeed a simple yet wonderful story of Meymey’s carefree and happy life. One day while hard at work in his field he swings his spade onto something hard and digs out a huge turquoise. Meymey looks Read more »

Brogchung: Beautiful Beast

Brogchung is the name of an ox. There is nothing special about the name, but you would find the specialty of the beast called by the name only if you get to go close and spend some time with it. I have lived my life with cows, horses, dogs and cats. I used to be a cow herder in my school days during Read more »

Murdering or making love – from blogs to books

Writing is a good form of expression. I like writing or typing anything that comes to my mind. Through writing I hit another person without injuring him and I make love without her consent or even restrain from it after her consent. I can murder him or even rape her and choose not to land up in a prison cell. Read more »

Should PM be GNH Ambassador for Life?

“The Constitution of Kingdom of Bhutan Article 7, section 2. Fundamental rights, states that, “A Bhutanese citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech, opinion and expression.” Based on the valid state law of the kingdom of Bhutan, I would like to state about recent debate and argument of making PM as the GNH Read more »

Rupee Crunch-Causes and Recommendations

I hereby clearly state that throughout the tiny Himalaya Kingdom of Bhutan, major chunks of Bhutanese have always a little exposure and little known to the rest of the world. Their livelihood had been rooted and depended on agriculture sector since the time of descendents no matter Read more »

Development and paradox

The essay below is on chapter 12 from the book titled, ‘Social Change.’

To present the synopsis of chapter twelve; it begins with introduction of development project, its evolution, and at the end of the chapter, negative impacts of development Read more »

Why don’t I stab people?

Because Dzongkha Lopon was my inspiration and to become Dzongkha Lopon was my ambition. I feared his canes. He put the stick in between my fingers and clamped them until my half body bent sidewise and until my eyes were welled up with tears. Passed class IV, I knew Sumtak by heart and my handwriting took the shape to scribble on a paper to be Read more »

Being a true Bhutanese

The 3rd of June 2012 is a significant day for the people of the UK. It is the start of a three day celebration honouring the 60 years reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It is her diamond jubilee.  London has been busy preparing for this occasion over the past year and there has been timely news Read more »

Globalization, Bhutan and Pragmatism

Since Globalization Project began after the Second World War, the world started to change and embark into a new journey. Development began in many Third World countries with the assistance from donor countries. Many Third World countries were patronized by the US, providing numerous aids, Read more »
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