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Wishing on a star

I am so fantasized by the believe people have on shooting stars. Ever since I’ve heard about dreams coming true upon seeing a shooting star, I’ve always been searching for one to make my wish. Seeing how I’ve put on a blind faith in such stuffs makes me look stupid Read more »

A Visit to Katmandu, Nepal- Part II

So it was my first time to travel by air I was much anxious and nervous that I did not even take breakfast. I kept thinking how I would feel inside the plane. My friends whom they travelled previously said many funny things, some jested that I would vomit inside the plane and would feel to go toilet time Read more »

A Visit to Katmandu, Nepal – Part I

After travelling through the hills of snow-capped mountains and precipitous path, forest of straight chirpiness, entwined unknown trees, and blanket of snowstorm at Thrumsengla, Pelala, and Yontongla, I reached Capital City on February 16,2014. It took exactly eighteen hours to reach Read more »

Love that melted even the coldest heart

This is the true incident that occurred to my brother who is pursuing studies in India. He was on his usual holiday at home in Khaling, Trashigang having travelled over 1600 kilometers from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He had few days left to return back to college Read more »

Seeking Happiness within

Life puts us in countless situations; some are easy some are tough. Challenges come our way, when it does we usually doesn’t accept it so well, not until we are really serious about life. We live with an aim, the dream to see success and prosperity our entire life. Life is the fulfillment of one’s dreams and wishes; life is nothing but to live in a way Read more »

Across the Sunkosh

July, 1991 – A group of about 8 friends had boarded the bus from Gelephu to Phuentsholing. In the group were five trainee teachers from the National Institute of Education, Samtse and the three- all friends of the trainees- were headed to the NIE for interview for admission. The trainees who were Read more »

Give us jobs – we will contribute to GNH

I am sad because I am still looking for a job and there are none here. The government of the day told us that the unemployment rate has come down to bare minimum. I do not understand. Why I do always have to be in this group – that bare minimum figure? It is sad when people like us who have no Read more »

He who…

May be he is a handsome or an ugly or an average guy to different people in their eyes. But he feels that he is the guy with what is called “soft heart”. He talks less, he says that’s the in-built dominant gene, but he thinks it broad and says “I talk less, but I say more”. Ha…Ha. He looks skinny, Read more »

They are back again!

Yes, they are back again. Some have gained weight. A lot. Some have lost theirs. A little. But they are back again. I can’t believe time runs this fast and before we know it, five years have already passed. How sincere are they this time? How honest are they this time around? How truthful are they this Read more »

The Sticky bargain in Thai Mall

Entering through the automated glass door with a bolt of confidence as a regular customer of the 7/11 mini mall, I briskly walked to the stationery section as if I knew I would easily find ‘Super Glue’ tube that I planned to buy to fix my spectacle frame. A picture of glue tube with bold yellow trademark Read more »

Giggling Candles for Buddha

If I was at home, butter lamps would be readied night before the auspicious Lord Buddha’s parinirvana day. I would prepare for the ‘saang’ offering, by mixing flour, cereals, foods and garments bits in a bowl, while my wife would melt Dalda vegetable oil for the butter lamps. Read more »

That Man I Can’t Forget

He is still alive and kicking. And I saw him this morning at the Semtokha Mani Dungkhor. He is as healthy as he was then, 13 years ago that he was at the Thimphu Memorial Chorten. Read more »

It’s my Birthday

My birthday’s nearing. The day I was born, the day I first opened my little eyes, its approaching! It is a special day. The day is of a great significance for it was the day I was brought to this world, to see how life is and to face the challenges life put on me. As my birthday near, I wonder whether I should be delighted Read more »

Bad Hair Days

Existence of barbers or professional hair cutters does not feature in any history of Bhutan.  I suppose it is safe to assume that such professions did not exist in Bhutan.  From the time I remember, people cut each other’s hair in the villages.  Mothers cut the hair of their children, though the first haircut of a child was always done by the maternal uncle or a big Read more »

Can I Sing for You?

In the middle of night when I was lonely in my room and when everything was silent under shadow of dim light, my phone started ringing. With tensed and nightmare still lingering; I squinted in my watch. It was 1 a.m. Highly dazed, I picked the phone. “Hello?” “I am looking for you,” woman’s voice Read more »

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