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Spices from the kitchen

It was Sonam’s first day at his work place. He had never worked as a cook although he loved cooking. He never thought that his love story would begin from a kitchen. Read more »

II – Flying Away

We had met four years ago on a rainy day. Maybe that was an omen. Even the gods cried at our encounter knowing what was in store for us. No, there was no singing and dancing in the rain nor was there romantic music in the air, just the howling of the wind and the rain dancing on my car. Read more »



ray Toyota-Hilux truck drove along the bumpy farm road that bifurcated from the highway, closely followed by fumes of dust and pitch dark smokes, rumbling with distasteful clatter and halted with an abrupt jerk in our neighborhood.   Read more »

I-Walking Away

‘Why are you doing this?’ Penjor asked me. He stood at the door like he had done since I moved into the guest room the previous week. I continued packing in silence. I had told him I cheated on him the previous week. I gave him a sideway glance and his eyes were on the walls. There were reminders on the walls, Read more »


I was a little girl. Often when the moon tore through the flimsy curtain, I would follow my gaze through that single file of blue light and try to bury the squabbles from the other room where my dad and mom slept. I was too young to even link them to a Read more »

Late Night Visitor

I drew the shades of my 2 feet window apart trying to lend my ears to the patter of rain that was playing pleasant tunes in my ear one wintry night. Thick droplets of rain were battering the ground, excavating lumps of loosely embedded earth out. Attired in my night gown, I placed my coffee cup on the window Read more »

Romance out there

He sniffs the cold air and approaches her. She is reluctant. She moves away. It takes enormous patience for the males in the world of dogs to find the mates. After waiting for some time and surveying the area of other competitors, he makes his move. There are no other dogs except few onlookers whom he does not care much. They are human beings. Read more »

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