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The Cursed Golden Frying Pan

What is a Vitamin P? Vitamin P is not a scientific-proven one; it had been in existence for centuries in our lives. People called it Vitamin P for humorous only. No one ever seen it, some heard and saw the impact after infected with the intangible Vitamin P. Albeit, grandfathers used to share how Vitamin P had consumed the life of many people, but today when everything is done scientifically after Read more »

A Girl Who Ran Away From her Own Shadow

Not so long ago, there was this timid girl who always hated the light because the moment the lights empowers the world, her shadow followed her. She didn’t exactly hate the light but she blamed the light for the appearance of her shadow. As she would describe the ugly dark shadow of her, she hated the fact that shadow copied her every move, she detested the fact that it reflects everything she Read more »

The taste of married life

No sooner did he join as one of the young officers than he started fighting against his own fate. His life before marriage was as comfortable as old shoe but now he has to bite off more than he can chew. Many of his peers would simply snigger at him, for his withered energy to fight against the despicable bride. Read more »

Entry to a new world

How would one feel sitting on a wheel chair, a monitor in front and making yourself look busy?

It’s almost one month I joined my office and yet I don’t have a say about how I actually feel. I don’t know much about my job right now, but I feel I can adjust to it in some time to come. Everything (the work environment and the people around) seem so new to me. Read more »

The journey of life goes on…

At that night, I reached home safely despite incessant fall of rain throughout the day. When I reached home, I didn’t know that I was supposed to do it, and I was not meticulous at that time. What she said during the previous night and what she had done for me were all forgotten. It had been drizzling all that night, with the conservation still on the track. With her face looking as if she had worrisome, Read more »

Dear Money

Dear Money,

I am sure you must be busy these days and not getting enough time to hang around the streets like Thimphu youngsters. You must be tired of going from hands to hands and finally dragged back to the banking world, and I heard that my friend Read more »

I shall miss you

I’ll go away one day, you know.
And I want to take as reminiscence
A fragment of your kiss on my lips, Read more »

The ‘V’ Day

‘V’ Day that is Valentine’s Day is considered a special day in everyone’s life who believe in love and relationships. It is the most awaited day of everyone’s life. As the month start, the streets are covered with gifts and cards for the valentine day and it indeed made everyone happy. Why so Read more »

Miza and Syelma

Miza and Syelma were two angels conceived in the hearts of two teenagers in their days of first touch of cupid. It was when love first touched their teeny tiny hearts and filled it with promises of having somebody who would be there for them no matter how bad circumstances turned them into. Read more »

Wish you all a Happy New Year, 2012

How strongly and unwittingly I moved through the days of my life in 2011. I appeared Bhutan Civil Service Exam and stood 6th in overall by scoring 67.83%, and ranked second in Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Read more »

National Talent Hunt – “Gateway to Stardom”

How was your weekend, guys? Hope it was enjoyable and lovely. Mine really was, especially the Sunday afternoon. As usual I was trying to spend my leisure the usual way – watching TV and reading some blogs and news. I saw an advertisement aired on Norling channel a few days ago. It was about the launch of National Talent Hunt, Season 2. It was Read more »

Painted smile

I am here

For the last few months, I have been juggling my time between a huge editing work, one small editing work, travelling to remote leech-infested areas and social life. Read more »

At a Mother’s Breast

On the shores of Gitchegumee. The Mother of All Lakes, to those people who looked to her for life, until both she and their lives were taken over by the men who worshipped only one man and thought they owed nothing to The Mother of Us All. Lake Superior, they called her then, those land and lake-takers. Strange name for them to give a woman-lake. “Mother Superior” is a title they Read more »

Bhutan Artography

A woman, an aspiring writer ( and an admirer of photography, dreamt a dream of bringing together young Bhutanese artists and photographers. Seeing that there was no Bhutanese site which promoted art and photography together, this site was created to serve as a platform for aspiring Bhutanese artists and photographers. Read more »

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